Monday, May 20, 2013

A Long Time Is What Forever Is

Why is it that we know separation is our biggest weakness but we let them play us against each other for better control? Are we afraid of the world without the corrupted hands of those who hold the reigns, those who pull the strings? While walking today I watched as a snail tried to make its way across a walkway. He must have been traveling for awhile, as the path was large and heavily walked through once the joggers caught their beat. On the other side of his quest laid a small patch of lawn and the road. I knew by experience that this snail had little chance of survival, and without help his life will be short in this world. If I were government, I would let this snail be, even thou his path is one already of suffering from the dry heated cement and the sun blistering, it is his choice and this life should pay the consequences for its actions. (Even If man has already taken away most of its home) To let him struggle is better for a tight run system built on the dreams of greed and old money. I could not be so mean. I knew that picking him up and moving him is infringing the nature of his life, stacking the deck and determining where the cards fall. I lifted him up and took him to a greener pasture. A large interrupted garden where he could hopefully find a better home, one not filled with struggle and pearl. He still has his choice on paths, I just brought him up to where everyone belongs. A chance of peace and safety. There is enough room for him and many more to live and feed, the snail just needed to see a better route then the one he was on. I couldn't tell you if he was mad at me, for all I know he could have come from there and is on a quest to save the Queen and the kingdom of the bee's... Damn you pixar...

                                                                    Meteor of 1860

My hero's have never been cowboys, I was more interested in knights and honor  I understand the west had some order but the Union changed that, brought it in a more controlled environment. One of snakes in office and serpents on the stage. Waving flags and cheering one team while forgetting the rights of the other. Our history has many grey areas but we should remember that we all make mistakes. It is learning from them that shows strength and desire to bring some sort of understanding. Strife fails the family and it is failing us now. We have too many soldiers willing to die for unknown causes, to get in a higher pay grade. We only have short bursts of life on this world, should it not be a good experience for all? It doesn't mean that little sally will have to lose out on her own gifts, it just means she might have to teach her parents how to share.

This world might just be all part of the illusion, an experiment set by something higher for shits and giggles or it is a random roll of the dice, I care not of the trivial bickering that comes with the thought. Are you not tired? I know I am. Since I was but a wee lass I have always felt old and tired. Too many recycled memories of pasts. More part of the illusion. Rinse and repeat deja vu plays in its infinite cycle. Aren't you tired? Watching this train wreck of humanity, suffering and wars. Ain't you tired? Man made genetics telling us they are making it better then nature, you know the planet that created them...

Maybe its just me. I am still human after all and make mistakes often. I have learned through age to remember them and to never repeat the same. Something that falls on the youth, well I know it fell on my deaf ears. A long time is what forever, lets see us get as far as we can. 

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Hey, that astronaut is on fire. Someone should throw water on that.