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Èmpty Part 1

I am writing this on the fly and will try to get everything done by the end of the long weekend. Keep stopping by because the final product should be good, I almost have the ending in mind lol

All images used were not by permission. I stumbled onto his work and created a story to what it represented to me. I hope Tyler West and the crew at West Studio don`t sue me. I have nothing anyways but my imagination...

I bring you Èmpty Part 1 (The scenario)

The town streets lay silent as stray animals roamed the alleyways and roads. It is dusk, the sky a scarlet red glowing over the quiet community. A flag waves from every house and pole, a symbol of the new earth. In the distance in the remains of an old city, old New York. The only life remaining there is the plants that adapted to the toxins. The sky is littered with air purifiers to recycle and clean the effects of global warming, a soft hum from the working fans emits in the distance.

The war over Independence was won 10 years ago when the last of the old corporations and governments laid their arms down and the overturn of the last king was done. Humanity had taken back the reigns from the corruption that was killing the lands and their children.

Off in the distance the roars of a large copters overtake the sounds of purifiers streaking the sky. We follow these sounds as we glide along farmers fields where bio-stations collect Sun power to run the algae oxygen emitters to help combat the old kingdoms pollution.


The smell is strong of rot, farmers tilling the lands replacing as much infected soil, trying to break the damage done from GMO crops planted without complete study. The last crops were burnt 12 years ago and the start of the great revolution. Sterilization had started slowly in the early 2010 era but the affects of global eugenics we not noticed until 2022 until the death of Bill Gates, when the truth finally come out.

With the worlds economy in bankruptcy and global unrest, the leaders and figureheads of the 1% gathered their resources and created a new city, called Olympus. Most armies had disbanded going to join the peoples revolution, so these rats on a sinking ship hired mercenaries to help fend of the masses out for their survival.


                                                            And the Great War Began...

The battle waged on the surface, as the weak and hurt were moved to great cities built in desperation underground. As harsh as the realities were faced, the people worked together for the survival of humanity and the belief of freedom without control. The population dropped to 4 billion, the losses we too great.

The greed had twisted the minds of those who lived in the high city of Olympus, they used chemical weapons that were designed to melt the flesh off bone. To blind and cause diseases that spread far and wide. They already owned most of the water supply, so when the poisons came it was already to late for the people to notice. They almost had defeated humanity... But we are stronger in the face of oppression.

The war ravaged the lands and the people, the battle seemingly never ending. Great machines were built to fight the armies of the 1% built off of recycled material that littered the ground. All of humanities last hopes we gathered to share their strength and knowledge to bring down the enemy. With great planning and debate stemming in the great halls of the heads of the revolution, with labor going to create great weapons to fight these last failing corporations, the war was won by none of them but by the love of a child.

When the head of the 1% Edger Monsanto lost his daughter and his wife unable to give birth, he went to genetic cloning to bring back his baby. With the head of his bio-unit he was able to recreate Cynthia in a vat made with samples of hair and skin. The memories we copied before she passed away and with an embedded chip they were able to download her thoughts and dreams into this artificially created husk.

Cynthia was called a marvel of mankind's progress, however when she found out what happened to the real Cynthia, she saw he self more a Frankenstein then a gift from man. She begged her father to end the war, she showed him how all this manipulation of nature is the cause of her death and the disease that is growing inside her mother. Then with a final plea she jumped off the high tower, in defiance of this new life she was given. In her final note she stated that if she was not able to do anything to change the situation with her new gift of life, then there was nothing worth living for. After her death, the heads of Olympus had called defeat, and laid down their arms. The battle had ended.

The cities thrived in the deeper swamps and undergrounds. Old remedies and nature were looked at for salvation of mankind. Ancient medicines helping to stop the cancers and tumors inflicted from the toxins. After all these years mankind was beginning to grow strong again. The war had crippled the world but not the human spirit.

The great houses and factions of new Earth had gathered to the central plane of old North Dakota to discuss the future. Because of the damage for centuries of pollution and man made disasters, Earth was dying. Mankind as much as it tried could not reverse the damage done. The people used what last resources they had left to create massive spaceships to load the remaining people of Earth.

Many stayed behind, not wanting to give up. But by the time the ships were ready, only a quarter of the population remained. All over the world people awaited the day of boarding to take them to a new found world at the edge of the Galaxy.

A large crowd gathers in front of a large podium with a 100 foot screen behind and cameras floating all around. The people wave as the elected representative of all 13 houses takes the stage. Jets streak overhead for dramatic effect. All around the world every TV, monitor and cell are displaying this great speech that is about to commence. The crowds goes silent as he takes the mic...

People of new earth, today we start the boarding of every person willing to find a new home outside of our once beautiful world. Trucks will be at all loading depots to take you to your designated community ship. You will be travelling together so remember to keep that unity and strength alive. Give love where it is needed most.

I know what we are leaving behind and for some it is admitting defeat, however the Earth has only a few hundred more years left and we must look to our survival. Try not to think of this as giving up but trying anew. We are leaving a legacy behind that will be remembered, so we will never make the same mistakes again. It will be hard to leave our cities and towns, after so much blood lost to save them but we must do what we can. Those who are staying will also be remembered for the bravery to face the coming storm.

Those brave fighting people who have chosen to stay please remember that we are leaving enough ships for your flight if you ever choose to leave. We cannot force you, but we must put the survival of every creature first. On board will be samples of every earth creature, so we can take our world with us to rebuild again.

No matter where you are, no matter what ship you have been given, remember that you are not alone. We are all here for each other. That together we can face any enemy or situation by working together.

In one week we will be in suspended animation at the caring hands of Team Leader Regan Wilder and his crew. We trust that they will get us there safe and sound. I will not take up all your time, as many things need to get ready first before we make this leap. Either we will be remembered in history or we become it.

All around the world ships we leaving Earth as those who stayed watch from faded bunkers and abandoned cities and empty communities.

as the ships lifted off...

Passengers and crew of new Earth and all 13 ships, this is your Captain. From the moment we lift off we would like all passengers in their sleep chambers, the less food and oxygen we use the better chances we have for survival, so only those with permits are permitted to be awake during the flight.

Those who are awake please buckle yourselves for first drop into warp. there will be screens to monitor the view outside for those who would like to see.

Remember that we are soaring almost as fast as the speed of light so many of those sights will be altered so just don`t freak and no your not tripping balls. Thank you for flying the yellow chicken, a name I made myself and have a great sleep folks...

I will see you on the other side.

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