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Èmpty Part 2

First again I would like to thank for such amazing artwork, without that help this old story would never have had any new beginnings. Again I am just writing this for fun, practicing my story telling for the future novels I have within my mind, screaming to come out. I guess this is my doodles before the painting, my words before the poem. As always I comb the Internet to find pictures that are close to the image within my mind. Mine thou are a little more detailed and most likely darker in nature. I have come to accept the balance in my writing, knowing that even in darkness beauty can be found.

The subject is sci-fi because everything else can be lived, this is about new experiences, new realms and alternate realities.

I bring you Èmpty Part 2


A tube sits in a lavish apartment style suit. Bright colors, large view screen and a set of controls on the wall. Antique magazines and novels line book shelves, pictures of a family of three move in living frames. Inside the tube is a man emerged in blue cryogel with a soft light above his head. Late 30's light build, a slight beard glistens from the gel. Nothing stirs within the cabin, recycled air blows through the ship systems.

Within his mind is darkness, empty nourishing sleep. Through bone conduction, wired for only his mind and hearing. A soft female whisper forms in his mind.

Where am I...
A loud scream shakes within his mind.




He tries to lift his hands in this tightly fit tube, a look of danger comes within his eye, like something wild has been unleashed.
His fists slam the walls of this transparent prison.
Over and over again, his fists take on a rhythm as small faint cracks start to appear.
His thoughts are not full of panic, he knows that he can breathe liquid oxygen within his lungs.
The fear is being left alone, locked by himself, no warmth to lay beside, dying alone in empty space.
Just as the cracks appear he hears a soft "help me" within his mind and the prisoner breaks free.
Floating in vastness of deep space the captain covers his eyes as his body slowly spins in its weightlessness.
All alone.

Help me... He hears again.

He opens his eyes and before him lies the image of a black hole devouring a dying star, the colors divine.
Within its swirling center shines a light so brilliant.
The last call of this unknown world.
A flash of infinite energy returning back into the cosmos.

A small beeping noise starts to emit from his ears, flashing a multicolored spectrum of lights. The computer designed to speak to him through thought patters and remote communication built into implanted mikes within his body and mind asks if he is all right.

What happened, I thought I wasn't able to dream in these things?
There seems to be a malfunction, within a few moments I will release the liquid and you will need to release what remaining fluids you have.
I hate this part, the captain thinks.

Fluid is flushed from the compartment within the floor, his body shakes as it releases the fluid within his lungs.
He coughs and chokes as the remaining fluids spill out.
The lift tube raises itself and the compartments start to unseal.
Help me once more whispers in his mind.

Thanks to for this

What was that computer?
There seems to be a malfunction, within a few moments I will release the liquid and you will need to release what remaining fluids you have.
Why do they try to make you sound human?
Because a logical computer mind can't grasp the concept of humanity, so they have to dumb us down.

Ok smart ass, give me my report.

First all crew and passengers are all safe within all 13 ships, they are still in cryo sleep.
I noticed that your brain waves were spiking and that your dream patterns had awaken and I stopped all ships to do a system wide search to find the malfunction.
Diagnostics display that there is nothing wrong but this one incident.

Where are we?

We have been traveling for 3 years and we will be arriving upon Neptune in three days.
Ok set up inertia dampeners in all staff areas and start the gravitational cycle so I can get out of this bloody straw.
It has already been done, just waiting for gravity to balance itself.
Open retina screen and let me see it.
Yes Captain.

It's so Blue...

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Chapter 2 


The energy field is still at 100% peak performance, since the ships run on solar radiation we will have enough power to outlive many generations. With cryo sleep taking one day for every five years, the inhabitants of the ship can live thousands of years within a few months, leaving bots to tend to food growth and storage. Plants and oxygen algae vats are working properly, we have preserved already 20 years worth of rations for each ship.

Ok enough with the reports, let me hear some music.
How about something classical. Open up windows to my station and turn on the steam shower.

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony slowly starts to play within his mind.

No computer not so classic, give me Alice in Chains, I stay away.

Thank you.

As the windows open up he stands there looking at the wondrous view.
Computer, coffee please. Make it a little extra sugar then my usual.
I have adjusted it to your thoughts already, didn't you even study my user guide?
I went to school for two years.
Yes but going to school and studying are two different things.
Yea I studied, I just might have skipped a few things, and forgotten a lot more.

And you were the best choice to be captain?
They really went big to save the human species.

Computer, shut up and turn this part up.

I stay away...

He takes off his shorts and walks over to the steam shower to remove the cryogel, the music changes into more Alice in Chains, this one No excuses.

The steam shower turns off as he walks into the personal gym.
Computer, awake my crew. Lets get these boats together and let some of these people stretch their legs.
Already done Captain, Dylan is wondering why you are disturbing his beauty sleep?
Tell him with a mug like his, their isn't enough time in all our lifetimes to accomplish that.
Shall I make up at wittier joke then that weak one Sir?
Computer, you're starting to get on my nerves.
I am built into your nerves sir.
Thanks for reminding me.

Turn on the gravity weights, make each bell 220Lb and change the music to something more upbeat.

Yes captain.

Chapter 3

Stir Crazy

I always feel like I had just fallen asleep in the bath when I wake from these stupid things, Dylan says as he starts unbuckling himself from the tight harness.

Not even two minutes from waking and he starts bitching, Donavan mumbles as he climbs out of his seat.

I'm not bitching, I am just expressing my opinions.

Are we going to hear about your opinions through out this entire mission?

Yes, Dylan says as he jumps from the bed.
I am going to make sure to tell you about everything that I am feeling, counselor.

Counselor is just a title, I really don't get enough to listen to your problems all day.
Why don't you do like every other person and hide your feeling with syntholol?

You don't think its too early to have a drink?

Donavan shakes his head, this is going to be a long trip.

Meryl lou, chief weapons specialist walks into the room.
Are you two going to sit around here all day or you going to move you asses, Captain wants to see us in 20.

In a weaker voice Dylan mimics her, Move your asses, Captain want to see us.
Ass kisser.

So walks over to him slowly, taking a slow nibble on her lip. she glides over and whispers gently in his ear "If you don't hurry things up I am moping the floor with your ass, do you get me Findley?

Yes Ma'am.

Then hurry the fuck up, she says as she turns to walk away. and Donavan?


Drop the smile and stop looking at my ass, you're on the clock also.

They both look at each other and smiled. They have been together since the end of the great war. The fearless leader and his crew had saved the planet from bloodshed by coming to a treaty to drop arms in the pursuit of saving the human race. With both sides working together they used up the rest of resources available and built the 13 ships, each holding one billion sleeping humans on a quest to find a new home.

At a large table sat 13 chairs, one for each Captain of the ships. Dylan has his feet on the console, Meryl is picking the gun grease from her finger nails and Donavan munches on a bagel.

Captain on deck, comes the com from the ships computers. Each member has its own designed hearing and voice reconnection. They stand as the Captain enters the room.

Good to see you guys, and Dylan. Light chuckles come from the crew.
Computer screen, Regan thinks.

We are just coming up to Neptune now and awaiting communication from Earth. It has been three years and we are hoping to hear so good news. Let us hope that earths projections were wrong and the Earth is thriving.
We are just doing a quick two week maintenance and scout crew. We will be taking some samples of minerals from asteroids so we need you three to get into gear and go scout us some great rocks. And Meryl, please no target practice today. The ship needs as much metal as we can get to keep this boat in good repair.

Awwe Captain, can't I shoot at ice rocks?

Well if the computer wants a sample then no, but if it thinks it is alright then take a few shots, you have been sleeping awhile. So lets get a move on, I want to see you in those fliers in an hour, go eat.

As the scout ships lift off, a signal from the computer tells the Captain that the signal from earth has been downloaded. Bring it on retina screen.

Chapter 4


This is Lord Dorda, since the days of the Arc's leaving earth, riots and wars have erupted through out the planet. We have turned back to our basic natures and groups of citizens have banded together to protect their communities.
We lost a large portion of California when a plasma bomb exploded in the city core of . A faction know only by their bright blue colors worn have taken responsibility, claiming it was against the war ships being created at Carson City Shipping Docks. The target was a military complex built over the Pacific ocean, many lives were lost.

Armies have moved leaving some cities defenseless. Three ships have been successfully launched just this year, they will join you in a couple years behind, the rest have been sabotaged. It seems someone on the inside decided our fate was to be left here, to see first hand the damage we caused and the outcome that negligence creates.

The storms have gotten a lot worse. With the stopping of all weather control manipulation it seems mother nature has decided to wreak revenge on us. And I don't blame her. We are witnessing storms up to 3000 in diameter, with winds up to 220 miles an hour.
Our last hope is with you, make sure you save these images and teach the truth about our history. How we took our planet for granted and killed ourselves in the process.
And let us learn from our mistakes.

Over the speaker implants hear the captain. Did you guys get that?
Yes, Captain

Next Part 3...


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