Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Foxes Carrying Beats

With all dreams there comes a loss of seldom seems.
An infinite loss of  memory finally tuned to basic needs.
Calling to wild foxes roaming, looking for a home untouched by its human predators.
Bee's and trees not touched by the grounds of mans infinite might, loss of hindsight.
Basic needs turned to wants in a parade of has not's.
Not sly like the fox.
Boxed words, Capitals placed out of line.
The world blindly watching a crime.
Our fall a matter of time.

Let not and the has not's be the roads that guide us all blind.
Short sided goals and quick promises might do well for the voters, with an even blinder man at the wheel. 
As radios play forgotten songs, and old melodies rehashed for today's hits.
Let us always remember the backup singers.
For they were the ones who carried the beat.

Unlike the road seldom traveled we seem to follow the same past mistakes.
Like circles in the sand being washed away by the waves and stupidity.
However sometimes human nature is not to nature, but mature before nurturing.
More twisted words to delight, like cool cats on the scene.

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