Thursday, July 16, 2020

Fighting for love

I haven't been writing for awhile, you would think being stuck in quarantine would give a guy some inspiration...  Yet it is hard to find inspiration when the love of your life is also stuck under Quarantine. So I am going to share a small story i have with my wife. These are the tales of little Mami. Little Mami and Little Regan and spirits of love that live within Mami. Usually Regan has little Regan inside of him, however to keep his wife company, he left Big Regan and traveled to Japan to be with her. This is just one tale of many. It's small but cute enough.

Little Mami woke up hot from the window open and the morning sun and the heat coming off of little Regan. I am sweating so bad she grumbles as she grabs her blanket and goes to the back cool room to sleep alone. When she wakes up again she gets out of bed and stretches to start her day. However she notices something strange. The room she was sleeping in had a little light from the window shinning through but right now it was dark out. She looked at her phone and it said 930 am so she didn't think about it anymore and to see if little Regan left her any breakfast before he left to work. She skips to the kitchen remembering that he was going to make her favorite breakfast just like Dagwood's and have some hot tea in the pot.

When she goes to the kitchen she finds that there is no breakfast. Sad she goes to see if he left a note. Nothing. She goes to her bedroom to find her phone and leave a message when she notices that her phone isn't there. Just her bed and nothing else. No Regan's clothes on the floor, no sign of him anywhere. Worried she goes back in the kitchen to find her phone sitting there but not one message from Little Regan. All of them were just missing. Confused she goes to the blinds and opens them up to find no view of Mount Fuji. There was no view at all. Just a black void of darkness. Scared she closed the window, now getting more worried she tries to call her mom when she noticed there is no one on her phone. She looks to her pictures and see that all her images of friends and family were missing and every picture was just by herself. What is going on she thought as she dropped her phone. Hello?

Little Regan wakes up early noticing the sun shinning brightly in the room. He notices that little Mami was not in bed, he remembers her saying something about being too hot and going into the next room. He hopes he wasn't snoring too loud he thinks to himself. He goes into the kitchen and starts making a coffee and breakfast. Getting everything ready he notices all the plates are missing. It is only one set and his favorite cup. Weird, he thinks maybe little Mami moved them, he makes her a plate of her favorite breakfast and eats from the hot pans. He leaves her a note, not wanting to wake her and steps out the front door to walk to work. Once her steps out he notices that the sun is very bright. In fact it is too bright. He starts walking his usual way with his hands covering his eyes when he notices that everything is gone. Now trees, no orange cat by the side of the road. Just blinding bright light. Confused from everything, he gets lost and starts walking away from the house. Hello he yells? Little Mami?

Little Mami is even more worried now. Each room is empty, all the machines are gone, all the blankets and pillows are missing from the cupboards and dad's library is empty. She is too afraid to go outside so she sits inside crying. She falls asleep and wakes up again all alone. She doesn't know how long she has been in the empty house. It has felt like forever and she has no more tears to shed. She goes through the kitchen cupboards and find a flashlight. Grabbing her fears she does something that makes he frightened. She opens the front door and walks outside.

Little Regan is now sitting on his butt, he walked until he knew something was wrong and he turned back, hoping to find the house again. Only to miss the house and now lost in the bright white light with his eyes closed. For a moment he opens his eyes, he sees something off in the distance, it is a black light shinning in the world of all white. Hello he screams?

Little Mami heard a faint cry of little Regan, Hello she screams, can you hear me?

Little Regan going against the pain of the white light keeps following the voice of little mami and the dark light off in the distance. Struggling they both fight their way through the light and the darkness. Breaking each persons feeling of being alone knowing that not too far away the person who loves them the most is only a voice away. Fighting the darkness and the light they touch hands, breaking the spell placed on them by the evil witch corona. They both hold each other in their arms crying asking if this is real, are you real? When they stop hugging they notice that they are both outside in the pajamas. Little Regan a little more embarrassed since he went to bed with no Pajamas noticed that the neighbors were staring at him. They didn't know he was under a curse, they just thought the white guy went crazy and is shouting in the street naked. They both giggled and ran back in the house. Regan decided he wan taking the day off to spend the day with little Mami and talk to the police why he was screaming naked in the front yard. After that they asked the great slug if they could put a safety spell over their house so it never happens again.