Friday, April 19, 2013

Let Us Be Crazy...

It's amazing how much we can accomplish, once we put even a small part of love in our daily lives. To seek to listen and not just talk. To show interest with everyone, not just those you want to impress. To look a person in the eyes, to make even a simple gesture of contact. The more we build in our little bubbles, the more alone we are suspended in our own grandeur. It is our perception that becomes our greatest fault. Once we see boundaries, our mind seems to get trapped in the illusion. The truth about the illusion is simple, we can push back any boundaries once we start believing in ourselves, and each other.

Color out of the lines, smile to a stranger. Go against the norm and help someone out. Give without reward, as cheesy as it sounds it is worthwhile once given the chance. Be more then the change, don't worry about yourself remember you are building a better future for tomorrow.

Let your dreams soar, or roar, just let others be apart of it. There is enough room for us all here, we just haven't given it a chance yet. We are 7 billion in a world waiting to hold more. We just need to work on how we can live together, nature and humanity. We don't need to kill one to keep the survival of another.

Do as we teach! If your going to teach your children about sharing then learn from the example. Be kind to another, do you really need religion to tell you that? Instead of learning equality and sharing in the first grade, let it run till university. Forget beating your friends, being number 1. Why not race together, side by side? Share the highest part of the hill and take care of it. Let love rule.

Let not labels or limitations stop you. Be you, be someone else, just let others be also. I would rather see a person walking down the street in a space suit, then someone laughing at a persons shoes or shirt. Lets be crazy, lets be love. Hold your hand for another to grasp, why face the future alone?

These are just examples of ways one can live a life. I am not asking anyone to live by these rules, I am the person who will fight even logical rules. Tell me to think for myself and I will smile and say no. We don't have to be nice, but we wont get far with this bad attitude. Remember those moments that someone helped you out, gave you a hand when you were low, or even a smile from someone you like. Such simple things can change the world. Lets Change the world.


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