Saturday, April 27, 2013

Giving Change Back

They say a storm is brewing, one that once started will be hard to hold anything up again. That we are coming to a point of humanity that once we hit the edge, there will be no way of turning back. Now I don't know about you but I have seen that the storm has been running for a very long time. The winds of change have become the winds of chains. Freedom on lockdown, humanity is a greed throw away from lonely madness, as we gather by our fortune for comfort. Truth from media outlets designed to confuse then awaken., to sell us disease then to nourish our needs. Poison in the food, poison in the air. Health being bought by the biggest corporations as patents on nature fill the courts. Soon our own DNA will not be ours, so much GMO foods ingested that our sacred genetic markers will be filled with Monsanto approved roundup. State trying to take our children minds with visions of fear. Trust not earned but shunned. Flags waved, wars waged over a concept of freedom for the rich and starvation for the rest. Sometimes it is hard to stand up for love when hate is always shown.

Their war on our minds are winning. We accept that love is just a concept, one that has no profit margin. We have accepted singularity, not unity or togetherness. We choose to hold ourselves up but not the world. We have let them in our hearts and minds and the damage has already begun. We are forgetting that we all come from the same place, not a country or province or state, but the world. Our plight involves everyone. Like domino, once we start to fall we take everyone in our path.

In this world we can witness the results of our actions, while before only news spread of good deeds given. By lifting one up we can see how they in turn lift another, stand beside each other. By giving an energy of kindness, the universe gives it right back ten fold. You don't need to believe in a higher power to see the truth in this statement. Just prove it yourself. Prayer and meditation might be good to help clear your mind, to give some direction in this confusing world. Those actions thou only seek the self. They only seek the needs of the few and not the needs of us all. Be it third world or first, the struggle is still there. A child knows no difference when faced with abuse, but when the child becomes greater then the whole we must worry about those who want to single out the oppressed. Cameras in schools, freedom run by fear generated by our leaders. The same people who keep making the enemies.

I am not one to say or tell anyone how to live their life. If you seek fortune and fame then that is great. Just please remember that it could be a better world once we start lifting other people up once we hit our own heights. Giving is not weakness. Helping is not a crutch on those who need it. Give them the tools to get out of the cycle of poverty and you will see a planet working side by side. Not one against them all. Love is more then something shared by close families, we are all a family under one sun. Under many guns. The peace movement needs to begin again. The flower children need to grow, to shower the world with gifts of kindness. We once worked together. Great humans worked to bring light into the homes. We taught gardening and fishing for survival of the species, not the profit of a few. They gathered to bring heat, clothes and a system designed to help those who lagged behind. Those days may be gone but should never be forgotten. One day we will look back at this as one of the darkest moments of human history, but it started a fire that grew.

Let us try to take back nature. Let us stand for our earth and every living creature that resides with it. It is getting time to stand up against those who want to put us down and scream NO MORE! Let love in. These battles drawn are by those who want us to fight against each other. The more we are at each others throats the more crimes they can commit. Be the change, just remember to give some change back.
Anger shouldn't be a tool for control, it should be a lesson in patience. This world is beautiful if you look deep enough. The kindness shown can be a great lesson for all of us.

Time will prove our worth. Our goals will determine the fate of this world. If you are waiting for change from above then help those below, so they can also see the stars.

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