Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Balance of Stars, We Are All Stars...

While trying to get sleep last night, as the witching hour came around. I laid in closed eyelid reflections. Remembering that it has been almost a year since I first fell in love with myself. Not the ego mind you, more the love and respect kind. A first in my many years of walking this earth. Once I could not even look in my reflection, I spent years maybe looking in the mirror once, sometimes not at all. What I saw was something different then everyone else, I saw a monster, a wild animal in a controlled environment. Now I don't know what others saw in me, but the love shown to me in my life, the reflection must have been some what kind. 

See I've spent my life in the love and kindness of strangers, and have seen with my own eyes the strength and power of people when they are working together. Holding each other up to get above that feeling of drowning, that you feel when life gets rough. I have watched as communities band together to help those in need. When disasters happen, strength comes in numbers. Standing shoulder to shoulder. Then I look at the other side of the world, the world of anger towards other. The hatred of another mans skin tone, the ignorance of gender and the stupidity of holding back human rights. The separation that controls our lives. Trapped in cages designed for our safety, fighting anyone who gets close, even those with open arms. What once were walls when I was a child, that I watched divide us, now have grown to be barbed wired fences. We can see each other, but we have so much in between. Millions of voices speaking change, but no one is listening to what everyone wants. Too busy fighting to be free, while governments are signing freedom away. 

But times have changes and perspectives have become personal, many are looking to ignore the negative so their day can be positive. Forgetting that perspective is in the eyes of the beholder. And that voices not shared, fall on dead ears. Ignoring the world to make your day brighter, seems like a selfish choice for those only wanting to be heard. Balance the negative and the positive, let not your view be blinded by the opinions of others. Give people the same respect you yourself deserve. Listen, share our experiences, show the world we are the same no matter our differences. 

I look at this picture above and imagine all those who are holding whips, who are trying to keep us down. A friend told me that this image shows slavery, and that it is hard for one person to stand and make change with so many in the world. However it isn't up to just one person to stand against unjust laws, it is all our responsibility and we should stop blaming everyone else for letting it go on for so long. This isn't about Color or which side of the border you stand on, this is about human rights for all. One must not hold any ability over another, it causes strife against each other, brother against brother. Let not anything hold another down, if it is against one, then it is against us all. We are all people trying to survive in times of corrupted kings. When paper is law when oppression is concerned, when gold is law as the war machine turns. Let them not separate us from each other, we need as many hands gathered to fight the coming darkness. The fear is building and the control is being laid on thick. We have corporations killing us softly, with their song. As governments whistle the same tune. 

We are living in one world, fighting for a chance to breathe better air. Fighting for our chance to be heard. We have forgotten each other by the wayside, and now are marching to make our own voices strong, but not united. Grab the hand of your brothers and sisters that are walking beside you, build a new wall of love to fight the chains of negative. We are a ecosystem that works better together. Without each other, we sit witnessing the decline of our species, we are symbiotic after all.

Be one. Let others be one too.

I would like to thank all who have helped me with this problem and to those who have taken the time to open their hearts with love for me. To all of you I give you my heart and love.

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