Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life and its Stumbles.

I thought I have nothing left to say. My mind drawn blank, waiting for miracles or random occurrences to choose our next hand, for us to grow with the land. Mistakes made, the blame is not getting us past the problems. Like watching the world dictated from afternoon talk show hosts. 

Our leaders completely failing their positions, lies and corporate sponsorship the norm. Sweaty deals from dirty men, selling minimal wage as gold. Tired old dictators taking what they can before they die. Trying to teach us that with the right investment we will see better tomorrows, graduate sorrows. In debt from birth, in debt to prove your worth. Seeking serving jobs to pay the rent. To hold ones head. Cold storms are portrayed on the media's one eye, blinding us with fear of each other, to help another. We are feeling alone, only trusting out for number one. To be the one. Acting like children in adult roles, passing laws against human rights like they have any right. 

All of us, everyone of us are able to work together, to try to teach our children by example not hypocritical bullshit. To share, to treat everyone the same. Seems stupid not living any other way. Watching people suffer, as children being used as pawns to fight political views. Pushing belief while praising democracy, I mean wtf? What are morals when cash is involved. When drones roam the halls. You are not forced to live by any rule that infringes on the life of another but we really don't need to watch anyone suffer. Don't listen to me, listen to your heart. Let only your own opinions come from within, seek your own knowledge. Just remember that we all should have that right.

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