Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Few Days Past Sunday...

It seems so weird, I opened myself so much I feel naked. Stumbling on words and rewriting then erasing. I am late on my Sunday post, even now I stumble as my fingers dance above the keys in some weird fashion. Like they know what words are but have a hard time stringing them together. Sun to grey, clouds to stay for a bit... I have always enjoyed a warm spring rain thou, so it isn't a complaint.

We have the news telling us stories of late, Monsanto now own the keys to the gate. Puppets selling your health to the highest experimenter, corporations own this state. Oil spills and train derails, all with Canadian oil. dun dun dun...

Sadly I won't say it will surprise me if the pipelines go through. They have a strong team of writers pretending to be average Joe's, cursing anyone who thinks different while painting them with some backwater view.
The blood must flow, cash will grow. Environments will be splattered in reflections of Rorschach tests, marking the lands in black smoke and pipelines. Of coarse we could find an ulterior means of energy and stop depending on the one that is easiest to make a buck. Without the muck.

                                                                 Aram Vardazaryan

You're crazy if you love the environment  and your insane if you let them sell it to us for 500 times the price. (I just made those numbers up so they must be right) Paid common slaves. Giving us minimal wages, while gloating in office. Pigs for the trade, laws bought while wolves prey ferocious . A system designed to fall, one bank to rule them all. Fighting over the spoils of war in hidden messages in Superbowl ads. Selling shocking belief with a slight nipple slip.

The war for food has just begun, the cry against being test subjects has already been sung. Promises in Campaigns to resolve the right to know what we eat, A simple sticker will do. Has left you out in the cold while he signs into law protections for Biotech corporations. Money the true ruler of them all. While you cheered for marriage rights, something the Government should not hold the right. They handed your health and safety in one simple pen stroke. And a big donation of cash.

Bring in the guns or war after banning guns from the poor. Let your new terror plot reach new highs. It has been awhile since we seen that false flag fly. Burning our eyes. North Korea still promising to reign a night of fire. Lighting up nuclear plants to one day show the world their might. Anything to scare a people, to make them believe that they are at war with everyone but their own precious leader. Why does that sound so familiar. Let us Danse Macabre.

It has been a beautiful morning, the clouds may cover however that doesn't stop the smell of spring. The awakening of flowers. With all this I have written today I still hold a smile and love in my heart. I still believe that we will one day stop big money from killing everything good in this world. Don't let bad news bring you to their level. Be that one step higher in evolution and kill them with kindness, win a war with love and passion. Just remember we all need our freedom to grow just like these spring flowers. Beauty doesn't hold well caged. The true enemy is the ones dropping the bombs. Not the person on the street. Let live and show understanding, even try to walk in another persons shoes. Let not plagues and passions bring us to our knees. We must not stand around wishing for our dreams to become true. We could try to work together, find common ground. Differences aside, we are all seeking the same.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me so far on my quest to regain a smile. Strange as it sounds you must understand I searched for any other means, however my government doesn't care that I live in agony everyday. That this pain just won't go away. I was a runaway for a reason and really don't have family to ask. So far my true family has been from strangers like you. Love from afar. So again I thank you.

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