Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Well this time around, I must make up for last weeks failure to launch. See time really hasn't been on my side and my computer has seemed to have died on me last night. Well that is number 3 in four years and this time I just can't afford to replace it. I like many are feeling the crunch of this economic times, and  Ah whatever like a cat I usually land on my feet, usually lol. You might not care to ask "why are you so busy?" And I would likely say, I don't have a clue. Just like anything, they keep us running so we seem attached, lost if you will. Unable to hold our heads high, while they fill our minds and days with useless knowledge. Forgetting that the greatest knowledge is found when we work together. On that note, it is time for a sip of coffee...

Oh Sundays, the word itself brings images of not wanting to go tomorrows. As I sit here my dog stares at me wondering when I am going to get dressed. I look at him wondering when will he learn to walk himself. It has been 10 years since his birth, you would think he would get it by now. I guess that's too much to ask for someone who would rather sleep all day, or lick himself.

Well what can I say about the world this day, it seems the seams are wasting away. We have more wars then peace, frustration without release. Drones in the sky, killing from high. Presidents in office fighting while the people cover in fear, hiding in homes drowning in tears. Genetics winning the wars on food, water being wasted by prescription misuse. We are all seeking help but not charity, hampering some while the rich wonder free. Money and power the roots that corrupt, people seeking freedom while patience erupts. I can go on all day but my voice is so hoarse. Tired of screaming when I have no voice.

Even myself, I was never one to seek the help of others. Even in moments of weekly starvation and lonely desolate highways, I would still walk proud. Now I am trying to find a dentist that has a soul. See years ago I was a victim of a hate crime. I was beaten by five guys for the color of my skin. They kicked out my teeth and left me a mess. Now I am seeking a job without a smile. The only help I can find is if I go on welfare, unfortunately I am not an addict or in need enough in anyone's eyes to give me a chance to pay them back. I don't know why I am being this open today, I guess the pain I live with is wearing me away. Not looking for charity, just a hand to seek my heights. To bring love to the world, with a smile that would be nice. Like many this is just a small problem. Homeless can come, but I have love at my side, she has stood with me, even if I wont kiss her properly... Again, enough of my small problems, lets get on with this.

We all are in a situation or another, and I am not talking about the dude who only wears half a shirt. How are you holding up? Is your rent too high, are you food issues linked with food bank lineups? I would love to know so we can talk together. To show support for each other. I have a heart that is strong and ears always willing to listen. So please, lets be frank, just don't call me frank, that was my fathers name. Peace and love to you all on this sunday, sorry to get so personal today. I thought I would share a little truth then fluffy words. We are the resistance, we are the key if we work together. Let us all shine.

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