Thursday, October 25, 2018

Bland like the food we eat

If all things considered, life does seem draining. We are hit with a constant attack on our senses, filling our days with artificial dread and superficial idols. Scrapping the ground for the worst so we can parade them high. Like we need to feel better about ourselves. Our system malfunction is not our feeling but the emptiness of this fake surrounding. As if the tune you hear is not completely artificial. Bland like the food we eat. We are the ones holding our own happiness at bay, listening to these lies to divide us as one race of humans all wanting the best for everyone we love. And I have learned from fb, we all do know a lot of the same people. What are we looking at in the next five years? Chaos, war on each other brother against brother over stupid things like color. We all come from the same planet for fuck sakes. If you are not munching grass and reading this on a mobile, than you are part of the human fucking race. Skipping stones...  

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