Sunday, October 7, 2018

How I got my dream job and ended up homeless...

Looking back I should have known anything too good to be true is usually lies, yet looking back doesn't amount to much. Yet here I am in October in Canada homeless, living in a tent on the west coast. I was offered the perfect job, 5000.00 a month, 5 year contract and a home to stay on one of his many properties on the island, or anywhere else for that matter. Yet did I know the nightmare I was walking into.

Two months before I was still in the home I built for myself, a 150 year old barn I converted into a beautiful little place. It wasn't my property and I made the mistake of trusting someone who I thought was very kind and not getting two copies of the contract. 8 months after I was finished they told me I had to move, claiming they might get in trouble with another house on the property and they wanted to use it as their music room. The contract we signed was lost in the wind.

As all this was going on my girlfriend was arriving in a couple weeks to spend a month with me. She has one more year of school and she wanted to spend some time with me before her last year obtaining her PhD. I honestly do not know how I got so lucky to have an amazing women like her. She is going to kill me when she sees this picture on here, I am sorry honey but you are beautiful.

A week before she was about to arrive I ran into  my brother in town and he started telling me about a guy named John who was talking to him about everything I wanted to do. He said brother,  I told him all about you and he wants to meet you right away. So right away I met him at his house in the middle of town, nice and small old 3 story building.  I was on time and he sat me down and he started telling me his idea. A off the grid solar and wind powered, bed and breakfast with a music studio on the top floor of a five acre property he wanted to turn into a farm. Almost exactly what I wanted to do on my old place, however I could not raise the funding on those communities funding sites.  A community run music studio didn't sound like a good investment, yet this is another story.  He asked me about my living condition and I told him what the landlord was doing to me and he offered me to move in the one of his houses that he owned on the island I live on.

We were talking for awhile and he says let's go for a late lunch. During dinner he proposed to give me 5000 a month, the house to live in and a 4 month advance to get me comfortable in the new place. At this point I started questioning this, I mean I am a runaway street kid with no formal education and you want to give me all this to be your property manager? I looked at him and said look, this isn't the first time i had someone offer me things which never came true. How can i believe this? He says here, take 500.00 for today with a promise you will think about quitting your job and work for me. I said sure, taking the check and left to think over everything that was going on. He was really excited that my girlfriend was Japanese and that I lived in a Japanese community.  He had always wanted to go to Japan. I told him I just lucked out on a place to live and by chance met her.

A few days after i visited him again and he gave me another 500. In cash to quit my  job. I hated my job, it was retail for a liquor store on a small island,  so i had to talk with everyone every day, the same thing every day. Nothing changes  some die, some are born. So leaving the job was not that big of a deal, my friend was the manager and he offered me the job after my divorce.  It was a steady pay but no future,  and at that point all my thoughts were on the future. So I quit my job and arrived on my first day, that is when I knew I was in trouble.  I arrived early as I usually do and we sat down to discuss the details of my position.  As we talked I told him that I was by the house last week when you said you were going to take me to the bank for the 20,000.00 advance/signing bonus. He said no I didn't.  I said John,  you offered me 5000.00 a month and you told me to quit my job and give notice to my landlord that I was moving. No I didn't he said. I said look I have never try to lie to anyone, and I am not going to start now with you. He get up with a heavy voice he screamed, NO I DIDN'T... I didn't know what to do, he was a short man and I see he wanted to have authority over me. I sit down giving him the ability as he told me what a honest person he was and that he would never say such things.  I looked at him and said John  I am not lying to you. He saw what I think he was looking for  that look of pure desperation and fear. He stopped and started laughing and says you should see the look in your eyes,  you look like a man who was thrown down a well. He said what can I do to change that look. I said John, I am still waiting for my last paycheck and my girlfriend which was changed to fiance was staying with me and I am paying for everything.  I said John, I was homeless before,  at least give me 2000.00 plus the 211.00 I just paid for to get you a new a flight simulator off the net through my PayPal. So John please, 2211.00 would make me feel a little less stressed out.  He says here as he grabs his checkbook and tells me I am giving you this amount to make sure you and your fiance are comfortable. He writes me s check for more than I have ever had, which really isn't much. I spent my life on a pursuit on knowledge not wealth so the most I ever had was 3000.00. And this was a lot more than that,  yet it wasn't what he originally said he first was going to give me  it was a little more than half of what he promised.  He said to use the money for a new vehicle, which was 4000.00 on a new electric bicycle with new gear. He says i have an electric bike downstairs if you want to use it until yours comes in.  I was already Leary and shaking yet the check blinded me. My red flag was already up. I was smoothly smiling home on a nice bike.

He comes to the house the next day to look over my place, he offers me his truck and trailer to move and brings over a banjo and violin,  as he heard I am a musician who collects musical instruments, while introducing himself to the fiance Mami. Sorry her name is Mami, I didn't get to that. He invited us out to dinner and we went over the details of her stay and he art. Oh her PhD is in art, bloody hell I am not good st narrating my own story. He tells me that he will buy me new glasses tomorrow and to come off the island to Victoria.  I was still waiting for the check to clear as he gave me a couple hundred in cash until it went through so a day in Vic sounded good to her. So the next morning we went shopping and all three had a wonderful day.

That night we get back, he stops at his house and grabs the truck and trailer for the move. He wants us in the house right away, as my place was beautiful, I was still not done the bathroom that I was installing myself with my own funds... She was excited and wanted to pack right away. We went to look at the place and it was a nice house, beautiful forest and quiet. Exactly what I was looking for.  The house was much bigger so she wanted to start buying what we need right away. Now the check clears and we go on a shopping spree,  okay more her but I did pretend to enjoy it. She bought everything, pillows, wicker baskets, 700.00 new bedding. I am homeless yet my ass is in some fine bedding... Not really she would kill me. Fuck, as she is spending I didn't want to worry her about the psychotic episode I had with him to get this money, as I was deeply worried inside.  As we come out of the store with what i could only describe was a new home. She was in her glory. As we walk out we see John outside,  he was walking his dog. He noticed the monster amount of items we had and tells me we will go get the truck and I can sit with the pile of umm stuff and his dog and wait. I said sure, I was not in the mood to spend more money in a taxi to get all this home. As I was waiting I guy runs up to me  someone that i know from the store. He tells me to stay away from that man, he is crazy and had ruined their life. He also has a restraining order against him as he acted violently towards his girlfriend and him. As you probably can tell that my face went white, what was I going to do. Do I tell her? She is on vacation and having the time of her life, do I bring stress to the situation? No, I chose to not tell her. We were on week two of four, and if I could keep this charade going until we leave to Vancouver for a few days before her flight,  I will tell her everything.  Unfortunately it was a little harder to hold back my belief that this man was crazy from her, as one if his requests was that we get married on the fifth of May.  Lyrics to a Bob Dylan song i guess about him marrying ISIS on the Fifth of May. I said I will take that thought John but I still need to meet her family as it is customary to ask the parents permission first. Well he says for me to phone her parents and ask them what they think. Ok John.

Another one of his many requests was to obtain him a Japanese lawyer,  as he plans on moving to Japan in 5 years. He also wants me to help him get back into shape so he can get his pilots license back, I guess back in the day he was a commercial pilot.  He came from extreme wealth and loved the idea of working, so he wanted to get back in the air again. I kept asking about this contract we were going to sign and he now wanted to change it to involve Msmi. He wanted her to do her art on the property while taking care of the bed and breakfast.  I said sorry John, she will not be involved.  Even her parents advised her against it. He said I understand and do not want to do anything to upset her parents.  That was not his intention and he was sorry. Yet it was only the beginning.  He started demanding that I give him recites for the money he loaned me, and that this wasn't a job in the sense that I will get paid, this is job opportunities to be able to use all his equipment and trucks to help my already owned landscaping business. He also wants me to get a family lawyer and a business lawyer for the money he loaned me to start my own company.  Also the moment you guys go to Vancouver,  you will not be living in the house anymore,  I will be given the top floor of my house for you, you will live with me. But Mami needs to sign the five year contract, you guys need to get married on the fifth of May or we will not be able to do things together.  Now you think this might sound a little crazy and yes it is, yet it gets even worse.  He goes upstairs to show me my new place,  which now I have to find a Japanese book keeper and an account to help fill the house and proceeds to show me his medical documents of mental health,  in these papers were incest to his child never allowed to be near him. He tells me these were all lies, as he found out his uncle was taking five million from his families house sale and they thosed him away to keep him quiet.  He is also a truther who believes that the twin towers were taken down by sonic weapons and he wants me to get a lawyer to help him do it. The guy really liked lawyers, that is why he needed me to find one, as he has been blackballed from every law office in north america.  Yes the guy is rich, multi million dollar rich,while being plum fucking nuts. As I started looking for more information about John, and how the guy told me about John ruining their life, I went over to talk with them. I guess he has ruined 9 other groups on the island, even bringing a family of two on the island with a promise of a job and a home only to find out the man is mad. One guy even moved his trailer on his property to have him one morning digging a ditch around the guys trailer so he couldn't move it.

Of course I was losing it. It was hard to hide how crazy he was from Mami when he kept demanding something new and even more crazier than the last brilliant idea he came up with. I had 7 days left when things came to a head, outside the local greasy spoon he finally confronted both of us demanding that she signs the agreement for a 5 year contract, that we get married in the fifth if May, and that I must get a will made from another lawyer and he wants a copy if that  I said John what you are asking us ceazy, Mami has to go back to Japan to finish school, and we will pick our wedding date on our own. He left in a puff and we talked about what happened while not trying to scare her too much about the guy. That evening John comes by with a large trailer, and tells me that if I do not do everything he requires,  I will not have this opportunity.  Also the trailer is here so when she leaves you can move right away downtown with him. I told him a lie, said sure John I will get Mami to sign, it was Friday night and I told him we have plans for Saturday and I will see him Sunday before we leave in Monday. Well Saturday he demanded that I see him, I am now buying two tickets first class to Japan for me and him. It will cost 5500. He says I still have that in the bank right? Umm John, why do I want to go to Japan? To ask her parents for permission so you can get married in May. It was hard trying to listen to him while trying to play calm and not let on that I know the guy is insane.  Yet he kept getting crazier and crazier as we talked. I finally escaped not using the last of the money he gave me in plane tickets and being able to pay for everything for 3 says in Vancouver. That Sunday we had a large fight and the entire day was spent at the house so we missed going to see John, and we had dinner that night from my old landlords house as my fiance wanted to be still friends with them. I don't know why but sure  I will break bread with the people who lied to me and got me to build them a house for free. (No the fight wasn't about that,) So dinner was nice and we made it home late. We came home turned on the lights and noticed that something was not right. Her lipstick was missing, the one she was going to return. She kept asking about her lipstick,  over and over she kept saying where could it go? That is when I told her where it went, all about John, the violence,  the insanity,  the destruction of peoples lives and how I was going to call the police and make a report which did no use. He could say I am lying so they would not help me. As i got out of bed i noticed John was waiting for us. I phoned my buddy Dave the taxi driver and got him to come pick us up. As the cab arrives i pretend to just notice John. Oh hey John, i was just going to Dagwoods one more time before Mami leaves, you know how she loves that restaurant.  He says do I have her contract and your marriage date ready? I am just off to print it out now John, we will be right back. He was not happy with that at all. I had breakfast while I waited to talk to the police. I knew he would be waiting for us so we took our time getting back to the place. Once we arrived we noticed that all the doors and windows were open and John was not there. While we ate he kicked the door down on the house and proceeded to move my stuff for me. I guess he wants me to move today before she leaves to his place so we have to spend the night together with him. I phoned a few friends who had trucks and grabbed what I could, losing my furniture and bed and washer and dryer and putting everything in a clients old shed that he doesn't use and taking off that evening to Vancouver.  We spent the last few days together,  trying to make the best of it. Once she said goodbye I made my way back to the island, homeless,  no job and alone in the rain. Thank God I am not one to use drugs to escape my situation,  I would be forever drunk if I was.  Here I am now  three weeks in a tent while I try to find a home in a housing crisis.  Trying not to spend a dime, losing weight and sanity.

Well it is late and my eyes hurt from the light of my phone in the dark. Peace and love my family of humanity, please excuse the mistakes until I look over this with my computer later tomorrow.  If you would like to help me out read one of my stories and make a donation, I do not like asking for help too often so we could trade that way. My PayPal address is at the end of my last few stories or go here

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