Monday, December 9, 2013

Your Fabled Lies...

A slip of the tongue, a mouth full of regret.
Lies spill like a waterfall into a dark abyss,
lost on the rocks below.
Time the illusion set forth your mighty wind of denial.
Heaving backwards promises of clearer tomorrows for votes for today.
While the old still remember better days with worn out mascots of left and right.
Radio stories of hero presidents with bedtime for bubbles on the old black and white.
Everything in dreams is technicolor, only small minds see in single colors.
Even shadows whisper cryptocracy with wailing walls of prayers, 
and broken visions shatter the grounds of choice.

Talk, talk, talk.
Reflecting the monster behind the curtain.
No wizards tonight just puppets on the world stage.
They all have things to hide.
Their lives are all lies.
Transparency foiled in hats, blocking out signals from the nSA.
Collecting the words of people who believe they are free.
Nothing to hide but political choice.
And what brands you vote in.

These fabled excuses are running aground.
Your fabled excuses are seldom found.
We all have things to hide.
We all got caught in these lies.
Words of cotton candy that disolve before our eyes.
What do they have to hide.

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