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Èmpty 3.1 Spitting off the edge of the world...

This is just another part of  Èmpty and me practicing my art, or what I consider my own form of art. I am only doodling with this before I start with the canvas, finding my brush strokes if you will. I hope you enjoy this, and if you can't remember or this is your first time here, this is the original story 
however this story is of its creation, and just another part of this adapting world.

Welcome to Èmpty 3.1 Spitting off the edge of the world...


A young man walks through the darkened street, most citizens of Grand Canyon city are at home getting ready to move everything they own and everything they have ever known. He is heading towards a large barn like building that is built within a large rock wall, loud dubstep music blaring through the blown out speakers built into the overhang roof. A couple patrons fighting over splitting the bill slug each other out by the front door, as the two ladies with them pull each others hair screaming profanity worse then any long shoreman could ever utter. The bouncer looks on at the crowd in line, it's busier then usual but with the rest of the world jumping ship, most people have nothing else better to do.

Hey Zane, the bouncer says. You working tonight?
Yea, they got me cleaning dishes, I don't know why I'm still working with the end of the world going on.
Hasn't it always been ending?
Well as long as I can remember Mike.
The bouncer lifts the worn out stanchions and lets Zane slip through., The crowds start to bitch when the bouncer gives just one look and the crowd quiets up.

As he enters he sees Carla checking coats and gives her a big smile. Carla has always been nice to the boy, he at 16 doesn't see him self as a boy anymore and only has love for Carla. Unfortunately Zane is still young in the world of the ways of women, and does not see the long line of men waiting to date her.

                                                       Art By

I thought you had tonight off Zane?
Yea I thought so too.
Hit me up at break sweetie, punisher just dropped off some new Chong and we can go outback and try it out.
Thanks Carla, I will definitely hit that with you, he smiles as he walks into the first saloon.

The room was designed as an old steampunk bar. Gears in continuous motion working some type of machine that Zane has never figured out yet, line all the walls of the bar.
Skipper, an old commander from the third world war sits behind the bar scrubbing out dirty glasses.

Sorry kid, I had to call you in tonight, we have a full bar and Tony didn't show up.
Tony is a mindfuck junkie, lost between the real and the lost, he was never truly around.
Yea no prob, skip. I had nothing better to do tonight anyways.
You want something to drink before shift?
Surprise me.

Skip walks over and pours the young man a frosty brew in a coffee cup.
Don't want the miss seeing you drinking.
Zane quickly drinks it back as Miss Eve walks into the room.
Miss Eve has been running the place since her father passed away from a botched robbery a few years ago. She is hard and even harder on her staff.

Do I pay you to stand around drinking free beer Zane?
No miss, he says as he quickly puts down the glass and runs through the door behind the bar and enters the kitchen area.

Miss Eve walks up to Skip grabbing him by the beard. What did I say about you feeding him drinks?
Eve the boy is 16, and if you haven't looked around there isn't much of a future left for him.
No reason to give underage kids drinks skip.
At 16 he is already past middle age.
Eve pulls on his beard closer to her lips and gives him a big wet kiss.
He may be an adult in these times but no boy will be getting drunk in my bar.
Yes dear, he says with a sly smile.
I mean it skip, I better not catch him again here when the place closes, last time I found him puking in the sink.

The kitchen was busy as usual. Smells of all types waft through his senses, making him feel dizzy and sick at the same time.
The cook was named Allen, a beast of a man.
More then 300 lbs of solid anger, he head is always in one bowl or another, tasting and sampling the food being served.

Zane get your ass back there, we are out of everything.
Yes sir  Zane says as he tries to scoot past him.
As always Allen gives him a cuff in the head with a dirty spoon, you better move your ass quick tonight Zane, your treading on thin ice with Miss Eve.
He knew that was bullshit, as hard as Eve was she was the only mother figure he had ever known.
She found Zane in the rubble of his family home at 8, her and skip have been taking care of him ever since.
Get the knives and cutlery first.
I know already, this isn't my first rodeo.

For the next 3 hours Zane worked, and worked hard.
The great pile was finally coming down and he was able to catch his breath.
Zane, Allen bellowed from the front of the kitchen.
Grab the bus tray and work on the private rooms first, then hit the club afterwards.
Yes Sir!
And Zane stay away from the dancers change room, trinity is working tonight and you know how she is.
OK Allen, I won't.

Trinity was his first sexual experience when he was 14, she was an older woman with a lust for young boys.
Many say she eats them whole like a black widow, he has the bites to prove it.

He quickly runs past the girls change room and runs upstairs to start cleaning the private party rooms.

The world always ends... 
Chapter II

Two men sit in a darkened room, a green light flickers a dull shine from the amount of smoke that lingers in such a small quarters..
We have to get to the rendezvous point in an hour, are you sure you should be drinking so much?
The larger man with the cross tattoo on his face snorts at the littler man with the old time specks.
Be quiet four eyes, I am in charge here.
Without me, your crew will be left here and no one will be leaving...
Knock Knock Knock

The large man gets up and walks to the door.
Who is it?
It's the busboy, I am here to pick up the empty dishes.
Fuck off, we don't need...
Hold it the little man yells and walks over and opens the latch to see into the hallway.
A young man in waiters gear and a tray stands against the other wall, holding both hands open.

Let him in this place is a mess, says the smaller man to the tattooed face.
The smaller one pushes the bigger guy aside and lets the young man in.
The boy walks over and starts cleaning as the two men keep talking.

Do you even know where the rendezvous is?
Yes I have explicated instructions to take you out past the old abandoned mine to the last entrance to the shaft. Then to hit 2026 on the keypad marked into the wall and wait for the elevator to open taking us down to the ship.
You better be sure this ship will hold all of us, or you'll have 2000 men waiting to string you up by your neck.
I was the head designer, there is more then enough room for another 50,000 more.
And you're sure that your the only one left who holds this information?
The little one wasn't 100% sure but he said he was anyways.
Everyone else that knew had been killed by this ruthless man and his gang, all to just be able to save his own family, he sold out everyone he knew.
If he would have been able to close his mouth about the world collapsing on itself, he would still have his security clearance and would have been safely sleeping away with the first ships. But he had to warn his brother now didn't he?
Another knock hits the door. The young man turns to get it when the bigger man pushes him on the ground, spilling his tray on the floor.
Piss off kid. 

Who is it?

All of a sudden the door blasts open, spilling shards of wood and the larger mans brains all over the room. Three peace keepers sit on the other side of the wall, using an infrared scanner to detect the movement. Zane seeing the big man fall like a slow motion scene from an old boxing movie, where the guy gets knocked out first swing, puts his arms over his head. The smaller man tries to pick up the gun that is on the side of the seat, when another bullet hits him in the chest killing him instantly.
Zane rolls on the floor, cutting his shoulder and dives underneath the large table.
The soldiers push open the broken door, using all of them to get the bigger man out of the way. No survivors the lead unit says, as they step into the room.
Zane knowing nothing but the taste of life, picks up the gun and fires the trigger.

The gun was a short blast, small weapon with large range. Breaking his collar bone and killing everything in the room, all three soldiers drop. Wounds crackling and clothes igniting from the heat from the shells.

A loud ring rang from his ears, they felt as if they were bleeding.
Scared he stayed under the table as the flames spread from the dead soldiers to the liquor soaked carpet.
Zane. Zane!
He hears his named being called in the hallway.
He hears the sounds of someone entering, when he recognized the old boots worn by skipper.
Skipper always believed that he was going to die in his old military boots, and tonight he would.

Skipper flips over the table and helps Zane to his feet.
You OK boy?
Zane holding his shoulder while still holding the heavy gun with a grip of death stands there shaking.
I think so.
What did you do?
They were going to kill me.
God son, your going to be the death of me. Hurry up, we have to sneak you out of here.
Skipper hits a small button built into his collar.
Eve we got trouble.
I already know skip, we have the whole fleet pulling up at the front door.
Hit the switch and get everyone out. Get punisher to meet me in the kitchen, tell him to be packing.
Skipper looks over at Zane, you can drop the gun now...

Miss Eve hits the security button as the gears on the walls start to turn faster, those who know the warning get up and head towards the kitchen entrances.

The squad kicks open the door as Eve puts on her best smile.
How can I help you today boys?

The men raised their weapons and started firing.

Skipper and Zane ran down the stairs when they hear the shots and screams. 
Their killing everyone skipper, what do we do?
I need to get you out of here that's what we need to do.
He sticks his head around a corner when plaster explodes from the wall.
Skipper grabs Zane a little tighter as he gives a small yelp.
Hurry, skipper says as he tosses him into the kitchen.
Inside men and women run into the cooler, as the food sits burning on the grills.
Skipper pulls the cook and gives him Zane's arm.
Take care of him.
Wait your coming with us, Zane cries.
Skipper lifts his arm, blood stains his white smock.
I am not going anywhere son, get to the ship, stay alive.
Skipper closes the door, triggering the elevator to the bottom floor. 
Zane's last image is skipper throwing a knife through the neck of one soldier as his dives on another.
He knows they have their hands full with skip, he did teach Zane everything he knew.

The elevator brought them to an storage room filled with supplies and weapons. The cook leaves Zane and runs and grabs a couple handguns from one of the boxes and tosses them to him.
You will need this, grab a couple clips and get ready to move out.
Were will we go? What are we going to do?
We are going to board the last ship and get off this stinking planet, before we all get killed.
We just have to wait for any survivors.

Chapter III 
What the fox says...

Carla knew things weren't right the moment five squad cars arrived, this wasn't a visit it was a cleansing.
As the officer moved in and Eve walked up to him, in Carla 's heart she saw the danger signs of the officers stance. She turned and grabbed her gun from the umbrella rack on the wall and aimed it at the soldier as he pulled the trigger.

Art by nerium oleander
His glasses shatter around his left temple as his knees buckled and body starts to hit the ground. She dives over the gate and shoots two more storming into the front door, as she slides to stop Eve from falling hard on the ground. Carla holds her up to her chest, she whispers I am sorry as a tear rolls down her right eye. She hears more men running through and starts firing at everything that moved. Like dominions, the soldier fall one by one. She hears a clink as a shatter grenade comes through the front door. She leaves Eve as she lays and starts to run towards the kitchen when another soldier comes through the door with a knife in his throat. He turn as he falls on his knees and lays fire. Ducking her head she runs for the back stairs. As she reaches the door another cop comes through, she slams him against the wall and lays him out with a high kick to the temple. She opens the door and proceeds up the stairs.
The girls were just getting ready for their next number when Trinity heard the first shots. She jumped up and bolted the door. We have trouble girls and it sound like they are playing my song. She walks over to an armoire cabinet and pulls out a couple assault riffles.
Lock and load!
The girls get up and start dressing in military armor, each grabbing their favorite weapons. Rhonda, skilled with swords. Stacey a handgun and a short blast, while Candy grabs an automatic pistol.
Lets go give them a show they will never forget.

Skipper takes down the two men that came through the kitchen, when he hears the shatter grenade go off.
Fuck he mumbles and stumbles over to the spice rack. With his hand on the top corner of the spice rack he pushes the lock open to a rack of weapons. Grabbing a P99 and a short blast riffle, he heads towards the saloon. Peaking through the small round window at the kitchen door he sees Eve lying on the floor, still breathing. Two small E.I. hunters are scanning the area, the fall back when four more soldiers burst into the room. Three ran straight to the upper stairs while the other one walked over to Eve. No Survivors the soldiers speaks as he raises his gun to her. Skipper  barges through the door screaming to get the cops attention. Raising his weapon he he takes three shoots, all hitting their chosen target. The falling soldier takes air and fires at skipper, tearing a piece of skippers ear where a once lone piercing use to be. He slides down and picks Eve up and carries here to an emergency shoot the leads right to the bottom floor and gently puts her in.
He kisses her one more time and whispers for her to hold on and live my love.

Art by unknown

Stacey, you check if the hallway is clear. Rhonda, flank the rear and make sure everyone is clear, Candy you come with me. The girls were able to get all the rooms clear and made sure people were able to escape. The sounds of boots clomping start to come up the back shaft.

Rhonda hides in the shadows of a door when the first soldier appear. With deadly skill she takes the soldiers hand off then plunges the sword quickly in his heart and swings around slicing the throat of  the other. They start firing through the door as she runs back up the hall. they have us pinned in the back, we need to get on the roof. Trinity gets on one knee as she aims down the hallway, shooting out the emergency light that were flashing on the walls, while pulling down her night vision goggles.

The three girls take the side steps up to the roof as trinity starts firing at the glowing bodies in her vision. Hurry up Candy yells while holding the door. We need to lock this and blow the floor. Taking the cue, Trinity gets up while still shooting at the darkness, groans and grunts follow each shot. She reaches the door and tosses a large banger in the hallway and locks the emergency blast door.
The explosion goes off taking everything in the room but the support beams. As the shocks blasts the rest of the soldiers down the stairs a lone figure walks up to them.
Pointing the trigger and firing a gun that doesn't even make a sound, he takes the last shocked soldiers out. Punisher has cleared all the remaining floors, finding skip by the emergency chute he shakes the dead mans hand one more time then lays him gently on the floor. He walks out into the night, stepping over the floor littered with dead soldiers and starts shooting the three remaining police at the scene. He strolls back into the lobby and heads towards the kitchen. Hitting the emergency code the elevator starts it familiar hum.

This flight tonight 
Chapter IV

Zane sees the punisher first coming down the elevator, he is said to be a survivor of the great gas wars, and an ex special ops soldier for the peace keepers. He calls himself the punisher because of an old comic book Zane gave him years ago. Something about the character touched him in some way, many believe it was for the bad. But he knew all too well the pain of losing everyone.
Punisher, what the hell was that?
I don't know Allen all this doesn't make sense.
They usually don't come in guns a blazing without a reason or a warrant.

They killed two men in the private suit, they almost killed me too.
Well your alive kid, make sure that lasts. Over on the side they hear a thump as Carla shows up from the back carrying Eve in her arms. I found her in the chute, I don't know how much time she has left. Carla looks over and tries to give Zane a smile, her mascara running down her checks from the tears.
Punisher walks up and checks her pulse, she will be ok we just need to get her to the Doc's.
Is this everyone?
I heard the girls taking the roof shuttle, everyone else got out through the emergency doors.
This still doesn't make any sense, why come and kill us?
Who knows and who cares. We are safe that's all that counts.
Skip was a good man and died the way he always wanted to, but never could.
Well we need to get out of here before the entire place burns from the inside.
Hitting a false rock on the wall a side passage opens with markers flashing on the floor to lead them out.
Lets get our things and get in line, shuttle leaves tomorrow morning sharp.
I'll take Eve to the meds, Carla you and Allen get your things and Zane.
Go quick and get your things, meet us at my place at 4:00, We all will take my shuttle to the strip.

Without a fight 
Chapter V

As the crowds gather for the boarding of the L.S. Montana a light hum comes from the lightly clouded sky.
Zane and the cook are way in the back. Punisher saw Trinity in the girls a little ways up front and went to meet with them.
Carla left in the night and hasn't shown up yet, Zane is getting worried.

This is taking forever Allen, and where is Carla?
She will be here, just hold your horses.
I hope so.

Punisher and the girls arrive in line with the group, sharing hugs and stories of escape and loss of so many good friends.
Eve is going to be just fine, they have her on the medical bay list. She should be upfront or already boarded by now.

In the background the hum gets louder as the high security outposts start exploding.

Air raid sirens start erupting from the intercoms and the people run to seek shelter. A grouping of fighters come into view in the open air. Large cannons start firing in the air, filling the sky with fire.

 The group runs to a rock overhang, Zane running in the lead, helping women in children to safety.
An explosion rocks the sky as a ship starts to fall in a fiery ball, taking out the main defense guns.

They are attacking the ship, everyone get down.
All of a sudden a explosion goes off on the large ship. The structure that holds the ship folds as the ship falls with it. A with a loud crashing sound the ship breaks into three pieces.
Eve, Zane screams as tears form in his eyes. He gets a look of rage, as he dashes from the crowd and climbs up the wall to one of the abandoned cannon guns and starts firing at the incoming planes.

Zane emptying the last of the rounds sees that a plane is headed right for him, he tries to jump out of the seat when the knife he holds on his right calf gets stuck in the turn gears of the big gun. Pulling and pulling Zane just can't get his foot unstuck when a harrier pulls just above him and unloads a folly of fire upon the incoming plane bursting it into a thousand pieces. Zane finally getting free and falls back, rolls around and lifts both guns at the ship, when he notices who is driving. Carla he yells as he waves his arms!

He leaps from the platform and climbs back down the latter to the landing ship.
What took you so long?
The hatch opens up and Carla jumps out and gives him a big hug.
You didn't think I was going to leave Eve in the care of those quacks?
The second hatch opens up and a tired smile comes from Eve.
Zane rushes over to give her a hand out.
You are alive Zane says as he embraces her.
He looks up and starts to say sorry about Skipper when she touches her finger to his lips.
I know.

Getting the shaft
Chapter VI

The crowd gathers at the center of town. More then 30,000 people survived, all lost and confused on their fate.
What are we going to do, one man yells?
The crowd grows from survival to fear as their options become empty.

Wait, Zane says to Allen.
When I was cleaning the room where those men were killed they were talking about a hidden ship.
They were lying or it's already gone by now Allen grunts.
Punisher, Zane says and calls him over to explain to him what he heard.
Well then we have no choice but to get to that other ship, punisher says.
We need to round up everyone we can, the wounded and the weak and get them to the old mine shaft at the other end of town.
Girls we need guns in the front, we will take the rear.
Lets get everyone together, and move out.
Zane jumps on the highest peak and raises his voice above the crowds.

Listen everyone, we have another way to escape.
We need everyone who can fight to come up front, we will need to protect as many people as we can.
There is another ship in a secret base on the other side of town.
we just need to get everyone on board as soon as possible.
Make sure we have everyone, we must leave no one behind.


The crowd gathers what it can and the girls lead off on their small quest for safety.
The ground starts to shake as another earthquake hits.
The crowd starts to run when Zane hollers for everyone to calm down.
This is it a few people whisper, as the rocks on the barrier walls start falling off.
They escape the valley floor and head into the open flats of sand, as the town crumbles behind them.

Zane runs up front of the old shaft and looks for a keypad.
pressing around he finds a loose panel and opens to see the numbers.
What was it again, as he fumbles through his mind to remember the code.
2620 he hits as the pad makes a no entrance sound.
2260 he hits again, a automated voice comes through he speaker telling him of one more chance before all doors are locked.

Skip, please help me he prays to himself when he finally remembers the numbers.
The large blasts doors open to an even larger transport elevator.
Lets get everyone on here quick as the rumbles become stronger.
The large crowd gathers on the pad as it slowly starts to move down.
From up above at the doors a large fireballs blasts through the opening, raining chunks of rock on the people.

The rumbling calms a bit as they emerge deep within this mine shaft floor and before them lays a large ship, something fancier then any has seen before.

This must be for the elite, but where is everybody? Carla says to Punisher.

That doesn't matter, get everyone on board and start getting them ready for cryosleep.
I need to find another pilot to help me get this bird off the ground.

He lifts his voice to the crowd as they line up to board the ship.
Is anyone a pilot?

A sea of mumbles started in the crowd when a man comes forward with a scar above his eye and blood from his nose.
I am a pilot!

Then come with me.
Make sure everyone is ready, and I want to all of you afterwards once we hit liftoff, as he points to trinity and the girls, Carla, Allen and Zane.

The ship lights and navigation comes on as warning light siren from the ship, warning of cracks within the earths floor.
We better make this quick, the punisher says to the man with the scar above his eye.
The man locks himself in and hit the codes to ignite the engines.

Zane runs up front and tells them that all passengers are being secured, they need five more minutes.
The pilot looks at Zane and says hold on, as he hits the firing switch.
we don't have five minutes...

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