Monday, September 2, 2013

Memories Of Floating Balloons...

Licking my wounds

A little hungover from last night ramblings, I better get that checked. Not the hangover but the ramblings, the hangover is here to stay for a bit. I again feel like talking, I have seen every movie and television doesn't give me the same thrill as everyone else. Just seems kinda stupid with the fanfare of idol worship and forgivable bullying. Facebook has become something more tiring then entertaining. Trying to keep up with the joneses posts that keep bringing failures to my own. Wait did that sound like I cared?

So what is on my mind today, what should be the topic, like I usually keep grounded on that. Most likely fall prey to another red herring, more mixture of words...

Let us all talk about strength and beauty, something that I see in you. Your magic and ability to drop walls when seeking better views of sustainable tomorrows. That ability to accept love even when it feels so right in the heart but confusion in the mind. Well for some of us anyways. We still have people fighting over the color of skin when we had no choice in the matter. We still have phony believers in religion that use weight to bring others down. To cast out sin while banking their own.

No one book should oppress another, be it written by gods or scientists of man. Gods grow old and theories change but we are always here. Fighting to be alive, to be treated wise and fair like everyone
 else. To be able to grasp a brothers hand and both walk out into better lights. We deserve to be treated right. However we let rulers and kings dictate what they believe is right, for our own good. Locking away the troubled instead of listening to our pleas. Privatizing the world with keep out signs plastered in the clouds. As my old words once said, sticking a stick in the ground does not make it yours. No matter the protection you think you have to hold it. We are not Trespassing on a planet we were all born to uphold. No one persons responsibility, but the worlds own creativity.
Private wave by

We need each other, to be there for another. to lift another so we all can see the stage. Why let a handful of people starve the rest? I ask that myself everyday. Why are we this way. Our priorities are just off by bad education and the latest auto show. Seeking the faint addictions of materials possessions then others basic rights. Drowning one to save another.

We need to see the beauty that lays within yourself, I see it.
Let love flow for a chance to see it returned like memories of floating balloons and a child's innocent eyes.
Let us all survive.

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