Monday, March 4, 2013

I Wear My Heart In A Bullet Proof Vest

I enjoy talking about my past experiences, the struggles and wonder I witnessed from perfect strangers. The kindness given, from all walks of life. Touching my soul, my energy, the core within me. Opening myself up to give love back, give everything back. The anger shown. The disgrace of seeking help from government authorities. The hungry on the streets wondering what they did to deserve this. Cruelty and punishment, guilty or innocence held their breathe. Fascism building walls as people fight among themselves. Pressure building on all sides, religion and racism fuel the flames. To many men of mystery and misery hiding behind broken smiles. To many causes, none for them all. More walls, skyscrapers like graves litter the sky. Belittle us high.

Balanced has shifted. Once there was a form of family, now if the price was high enough we would sell it all away. The machines have gotten into our hearts and have turned many of us cold, forgetting the promises of old. To bring forth mankind to unity and clarity, rights and freedom for all. Now we have death on the screens, death on the scene. No love, lust for the taking. No talk of another, just the words of ourselves. Laughing instead of helping, scorning over simple differences. We don't have to act like you to be true. We've become hurtful, listening to the media dole out our lessons of the day. You want it all.

We should not need a book to tell us to be nice, just be nice. Riches and rags, this isn't a killer scene man, it's a murder. Stop with the assumptions and opinions, you walk is different then anyone else, you do not know us, don't pretend you assessment is correct. We are more then numbers at birth, debt of worth. We are humans and not commodity, born in enslavement to blind to see the chains. To blind to see the pain. To confused chasing darkness to enjoy the light, to treat everyone right.

I understand the hurt inside, the pain that crawls and tears at our minds. The pressures of life, surround by people but feeling alone. The monsters we see (I saw) when we look within the mirror. Walking amongst the loved feeling lost, not knowing our true worth. How beautiful we all are. How each and every one of us is a  star and royalty. The powers that we hold, even when we think we have none, we have them all, are enough to shake the world for the better. Once we cast aside our petty differences and lay our opinions at bay, and work for all, to start tearing down the walls they create. Let not fear blind you from your worth. Let yourself be loved by you, find the strength that brews. Once we get past our own imperfections, it gets easier to swallow everyone else's. We all have them. We are not perfect. I've gotten over it, my shit stinks my friend as does yours. My hands held on to past stains, but it was self love that washed them away. I understand that it is not easy, it took me most of my life to see all the good I have done. That I was not as bad as my mind perceived, like a disease. To topple ignorance we must show love in knowledge and understanding, not scorn and ridicule. No one deserves to be down, to be treated like a clown.

Be the hero. Be true to another. It is how we treat each other that defines life. How we can work together to fight any oppression. Let us be true, bring back the knights of old for better tomorrows. To protect us all.

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