Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday, SunDAY...

Sunday we meet again, such tenderness to see your Sun. The Beauty is surprising on such a winters day, the dark clouds have moved away, be it short but sweet or for the day. Just to feel those rays are divine. Sappy wasn't that. My mind works in rhymes, it does it all the time. My life spent in philosophy. Defined by walking and thinking about everything under the Sun. So many miles, so many friends and new towns. Always too wild for my own good, I shake my head everyday wondering how I made it this far. How I was able to find love again, with the only woman I have ever loved. Enough about me...

So how are you today? Keeping busy? Running like a rat in a cage, hoping for a bigger slice of the almighty cheese? Just waiting for that hollywood producer to pick you at of the crowd. To win American idol... Seems processed. More Cheese. Almost like a rednecks version of the Apocalypse, or a really bad B movie.

This picture above I made using You can turn any picture into a work of art or a blurry mess like my above work. I have been really enjoying playing with it, but it looks like I need to cut back on the butter on my waffles, I just love butter...

Well in the news this week we have had his holiness the fricken pope, decided to retire early. First time in hundreds of years that church has been left this way, with rumors floating everywhere. Now we are talking about the catholic church, a body designed to change our lives throughout history, one with hands so bloodied even Christ could not wash away. Crimes committed to this day, while trying to gain the entrance to heaven, or a watered down version of it. Don't get me wrong anyone who follows faith, I love religion, not organized ones. I have no need for super churches with Mc Donald flavored sermons, or graven Images. I remember when pope john paul ii was on Tv, many moons ago. I was about 6 or 7 and I walked into the room with my Dad watching this guy in a dress (I was a kid after all) having people kiss his ring. I asked dad "Why is everyone kissing this mans finger and feet?'' He returned with "He is the ears of God." I said "But he is just a man?" My father fell away not too long afterwards from the Catholic religion, shit he became an atheist, or so he says. Let us all believe in something or nothing at all. Just don't make the worlds decisions based on one set of opinions. Not everyone drinks the same wine. I prefer a good micro ale myself.

We had a sinkhole open up in Florida a few days ago, that the media is having a heyday with. A man awoke to the screams of  his brother begging for help. When he walked into his brothers room, there was nothing left but a hole, and no remains to be seen. Could you imagine that? Reminds me of the The Great And Secret Show By Clive Barker To great spirits, one of science, the other spiritual, magic. Trapped claws at each others throats fighting under the earth. Trying to break each others grip.

Could also be, that when the meteorite hit Russia, aliens came down and are now creating a underground base to launch a global attack against humanity. Only to find earths greatest actors saving the day, because the aliens are allergic to our sun. The crowds cheer while millions have already lost their lives. Wil Smith wins a Grammy for his new song.

Other then that I will leave you with a few more morning picture.

                                                                   My Honeybunnyboo <3 br="" nbsp="">

I spent the week discussing rights for all, while people slammed the rights of a few. To stand for one groups rights and not for all is pointless and brings animosity towards another. I understand the anger, it's just it wont help to prove the point. Yes some are racist, some are ignorant, however changing them is not the issue. It's changing the new mentality not the rotted old. Bring knowledge, not issues. Play the hero, not the victim. Be the change we all seek in life, one where we are all treated no different. To give understanding, love and a small form of respect, we could one day come to love everyone. To cherish life above anything else, all life.

Thank you as always for spending another wasted moment with me, as always I love you all. See You around. 

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