Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rambling Moments...

It's one of those days I feel like rambling. Not like most of my posts are meaty with information and knowledge. More rambling, just with certain things on my mind. Usually written pretty high. Just weed mind you, i was never a drinker, and I've always liked my escapes. For me its pain. Pot works wonders for constant pain, it doesn't take it away, you just don't think of it anymore. It's still there, but the thought of eating a bag of cookies sounds so much better. While I am on this subject of pain, and children please listen really close. Be Careful not to break yourself so early in life. I spent my life jumping, racing and flying (on my bike) and one thing that no one will ever tell you is... Once you get older it gets painful. The reason most wont say anything is because they are hooked on opiates, popping pills like candy. I myself can get handfuls if I wanted from my doctor, I just stick with the weed thou. I know my joy of drugs and anything opium based is just a prison sentence. One that will kill you quick if you let it.

Life is for enjoyment, not chains dragging me to hell. Even when I was destructive, when I was on a path of tortured enlightenment, I still knew that life was precise, that every moment counted. Strange to remember most of my life living with no fear, seeking death at every moment. To now understanding what fear really is, what fear really feels like. I want to live. I  am afraid of death and I love it. Weird, why did my font just change? I must have hit some button. I like this better.

I must admit I am enjoying this more then trying to find a writing style. Free flow of words spilling from my fingers passing over the keys without thought of erase. Just let it go. I just saw this picture today and thought what a tough job that would be, magic being used for every day needs. Clap on miracles. 

Feeling more natural today, pictures jumping out to me for my mood.  Some pleasure that in the small picture, mean nothing. Now to the individual it is the world. My house is too quite. The TV is on in the background, the movie seven pounds playing. This is my second chance at it, and I always seem to stop watching  halfway through. Still have no clue what it's about, Will Smith plays one hell of a stalker thou. Time for a little music to go with the mood. What are you listening to today? Me.. I am going to start with some Kyuss.

                                                          Kyuss- Phototropic 

Lets see what this does for my encore.

The oceans will rock the sky will fall, the loss of freedom for us all. We called for the old ones to return and they brought vengeance and laziness mixed with a lack of compassion. Wait till we start to tear each other apart. When color is a motive for violence, when the walls touch the sky. I saw it all in a dream when I was a young child. Posts of lights and chained views, protecting us from ourselves, imprisoning you from yourself. This play on our emotions just soup for the cause. Like typos in court documents, the plaintiff is never right. Revolutions a controlled environment, built by those who seek to guard, who seek the confusion of your mind. These are only a few prophecies  I will speak today. The wars written and the blood shed are for better days then these. Old crimes coming to new light. People angered for a fight. Blood now fills, loves eyed viewed. 

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