Friday, January 18, 2013

Fight For Everything That Dwells Within Her

I guess what I am trying to say is stop making this revolution about yourself. If you are fighting for the planet, then fight for everything that dwells within her. Stop looking out your own window and judging the world in stereotypes and labels. We all are fragile and anything but perfect. We are the definition of fallible, just except it and move along. Give up backstabbing and talking about each other, stop being so mean. You speak of greater minds while laughing at what a person wears, or how they think. Nothing but bullies trying to stop bullying. If you speak of love then show love to all. Even the ones you despise  Knowledge is taught by example, and not living in the past mistakes. Let love rule. Not love as ignoring the world around you, love as in to hold your neighbor with hopes of great heights also. To look at the world and only expect that they have the same freedoms and growth as you. Kindness, just simple kindness to everyone. Who cares about beliefs. I really don't give a fuck if your left or right. It is how you treat another that defines you. 

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