Friday, January 25, 2013

No Cares were Given This Week

Friday. A word praised in the working world, those nine to fivers sing it loud and proud. I am done for the week. As we look towards the weekend I figured I will chat about the things that really didn't matter most, but this is what they show.

Well it was an interesting week in the world. We had the POTUS have his inaugural sign in, and it looked like a lively occasion. As the live cameras show the excitement of this grande spectacle of money and power, with Beyonce lip singing in the background, just brought images of how phony this whole situation is. The cost only around 114 to 150 million, however its not all on the tax payers. The pres does get donations for the parties afterwards, so really America what is what, roughly a 135 million taken between friends? I guess being 17 trillion in debt deserves a party. In his defense thou, instead of four days he is making it only three. Good time to sneak in a quick game of golf?

The man who does no wrong, gave a beautiful speech on guns, the environment and the changes that are to come, while the drones still fly. Bombing for peace never sounded so sweet. Within the speech was a beautiful line "A Decade Of War Is Now Ending" while insisting that Security and Peace do not require "Perpetual War." Pretty words for a president that has his hands in Pakistan, Somalia, Libya and don't forget the troops coming home not anytime soon in Afghanistan. Also the 20,000 plus drone strikes. While all this is going on the Republicans seem to be upset that the big man, the head honcho, the biggest puppet, didn't address them within his words. Most likely it was a teleprompter issue, I am sure he has some lovely words for them guys. (Don't you love it when puppets dance?) Me neither, especially when nothing gets done but the photo-op. In other news...

We now have the son of late kim jong il, kim jong un, showing how far he falls from his fathers point of view. This week he decided to do a stupid move by threatening the United States with talks of nuclear tests and launching some more missiles. I guess he is trying to perfect the guidance, so it can strike the heart of its enemies. Now I kinda worry for China, Afghanistan, Turkey, Italy or Spain. I've seen the last tests, looks like they can't keep it up for long at all. It seems crazy is strong in this one, well the whole family by the looks of things. It is amazing that these threats comes from the same mouth that begs for food from this supposed great foe. I guess he is trying to get into Western Politics. While dicking around with his warhead, he also decided to lay the threat down towards the neighbors from the south. Saying more cock and bull material straight out of his fathers lunatic playbook. Seems like this attention Diva is looking to make a name for himself. Watch out world we have a badass over here...

In other news the we have war, war and more war. The battle for Democracy rises, while the bullets fly. Now living in a democratic state and not feeling all that free, I wonder what the ulterior motives are. More shelves to fill at the local walmart, cheaper labor or more people to wear the newest fades from hollywood. I have my own two cents that I borrowed, however it would all sound like conspiracy, I mean isn't everything?

Speaking of hollywood and the entertainment news, I have nothing. Not one of these idols deserve any attention. Other then promoting themselves and selling underwear with pictures of their faces on them, they seem to only care when it becomes a great PR stint. Now I am not saying all of them are like this, I heard of a few that have great hearts, shit have you ever read what keanu reeves did with his money from Matrix? Unfortunately no, this week was silent with good positive vibes out of those fake hills.

In Video I found this great Animation Called "I pet Goat II And the New World Order The Beginning Of The End" from youtube, thanks to my brother for showing me this. The video is filled with hidden images and  brilliant art. The meaning is complex and there are many videos explaining the meanings, it is well worth the watch.

Other then that I have nothing this week. I keep searching for some logic within this world, and end up staring at the screen shaking my head. We keep seeking to hurt another, to force another persons views while hiding the truth behind the veil. While trying to show how unlike animals we are. We just keep forgetting what side of the cage we're suppose to be on...

 Lets hope the week was a good for you as it was for me. I am going to leave you with a little bit of tool, I hope the weekend is everything you hoped it was.

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