Sunday, December 30, 2012

Not Waiting For Deities, Just Waiting For...

                                                                      Photo by me

Now that I will have more time on my hands, you know, with facebook closed and all. I am deciding on what to do next. For me I've always had a few dreams, and being a dreamer is something I have always been, well until now. I keep looking out my window, hoping to see better futures on the horizon, better focus on the outside world. Now you may ask, what are you going to do lost?  

And I will tell you, at this moment, at this particular time in history, I am going to laugh.

Not at anything particular mind you, that would seem overly prudent. No I am going to laugh, smile and throw the ball around for my dog. Poor guy, with my attention at discussions on the face a book, I tend to neglect the people around me, who only want some of my time also. And time, not that it is running short, we have much life to live, even an hour can be filled with a lifetimes worth of joy. My time is better suited somewhere else. 

For today's morning post I will give you a few ideas of my new year, not that I think it will be that special mind you, everyday is. This year it will be different, and not one talking with others on the theories that are floating around. I was never really mindful of waiting for aliens, the thought of another force coming to give us free energy seems an overly attractive idea for complete strangers. And if Foster gamble says so, a  trust fund baby for one of the biggest global company of toxins and pollutants then it must be true. Ok now I'm picking on them, I can tho, the idea a movie about aliens coming to free the world with energy, (or destroy it) is more prattle for the mind. However that's another blog. No, I am not waiting for aliens, Jesus, Buddha or billy idol to make a comeback (I am kidding world, please don't) I am waiting for you....

Yes you behind the bikesheds, twiddling about, acting all nonchalant, playing with your phone. I am waiting for you to stand. To walk together side by side to overthrow this prison planet. Anyhow, its not here yet and your still fiddling about. 

So while I wait, I'm going to take on some initiatives this 2013. Since we live through another end of the world scenario (Do you think R.E.M. has something to do with it, just to make money for that overly played song?) I've decided to start a GMO Campaign, something I have had plans on for awhile. And not one of those forced in your face campaigns, nothing drives me more crazy then being told what to do. This one will be an old fashioned signature campaign, with props and everything. I will have to practice my smile...

I am also seeking to find investors for designing a sustainable development for low income families and singles. To build a company with profit sharing in mind, that we all can get a piece of the pie. With in that profit, I will be opening more homes, and more workers. I hopefully can find the resources to open a drug and alcohol counseling one day soon. One that has more heart and less fracture of the wallet. The idea that if you spend a ton of money then your going to quit whatever addiction you have, leaves all of us regular folks behind. Who can afford 40,000 for 90 days???  Also most rehab places want you clean for 3 to 6 weeks first... Well the free ones anyways. Just users and abusers, taking advantage of people. Profit, it is always about the money. I have been stepped on enough to know the road to gold, is one of slavery towards another, and no one should be a slave to anyone. Be it addiction, work, or being force to make cheap Halloween candy for Kmart 

Times need to change, where we put people first. Where we know, what is in our food. When lies get too much, and we start believing anything, while forgetting who the truly important and powerful things are. That's you again! If I crash and burn then no bother, but if I can get this right, if I can pay people amazing wages, while they build their own homes with pride, then maybe things can work out. So today I am going to leave you with a little homework, something that might take some time, and for others you might already know this. 

Just remember that You are wonderful, powerful, and full of strength. That in you holds the seeds for better life within this planet, no gods or aliens, but your own two hands. Take that strength, take this knowledge and tell it to someone else. Show them how important they are also. It is not ego to love yourself, it is ego to love only yourself. Love everything, every mineral, animal and well you don't have to love every human, that is asking a lot. Just respect that they are human, and deserve the same rights as you to grow, to love and to be seeds also. For we are the family tree, each one of us, leaves in this beautiful old tree of our lives. 

It was this or billy idol, and I would rather take a bunch of male nipple shots then listen to that music again.

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