Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cats Always Land On Their Feet, I Land On My Head.

It is amazing how one can lose their mind from facebook. It is not the people in the sense of misunderstanding apathy, I myself have fallen for many traps, and last to be called perfect. Nor the strength of ones own belief or theory, while bashing all the rest daily in groups. Kinda silly with guesses now don't ya think?  No, it is the fact that it's turning me cynical . Yea I know shocking. You sit there all day reading the most interesting things, tons of information, almost like ancient aliens on crack. The drama, the endless pictures of that one person who just doesn't stop.

I guess they have it classified as a disease now, an addiction with its own support groups. Could you imagine that? People shoving babies and cat pictures in everyone's face. People fighting to talk first. Women screaming look at me while half dressed dudes sat  by mirrors holding phones. Poking each other and giving thumbs up. Scary even to imagine, brrrr They even made a little chart, but we will save that for the end. In conclusion... Just kidding really, kinda bored, my head still hurts from banging it against the wall for so long. (Thanks again Mark). Really for me it was the opinions. I mean I am very opinionated myself, I have opinions for almost everything, although I know they are only opinions, and are not the beat all, one all, answer to everything. But they are ONLY OPINIONS... Sorry for screaming... We all have beliefs, be it science or faith. How we define ourselves should be more then what we believe. There is more then 7 Billion people on this Earth, all with different ideas, opinions and beliefs. Not one of us will ever fully have the same true answer to the meaning of life unless you can walk within that persons experiences. I myself am still working on my grammar, and I still can't even spell that right. I might have to lay off the weed a bit, you know, study like I give a shit. However no shits are giving today. We all need to step away from Facebook for a bit, take a small breather. Look around, maybe even go see a real farm. Go on a trip and leave your cats (and camera) at home and go have fun. < This is only advice, take anything I say with a glass of water, it's easier to swallow.

Well usually I am not so vulgar, normally I leave the potty language for hurting myself and swearing at people pretending to become light. (I still see them) I guess also I am back. The surf was great, broke myself a little, able to heal thou. Cats always land on their feet. I will be back with something soon, maybe something interesting then my petty facebook problems.

Wow you made it this far, I now must respond back with a good day to you my friend, and a big thumbs up.


Lostrelic said...

You suck get a job.

MoonskinLight said...

och I woke up this morning and went to check FB as I was hoping to get a message from a friend in NZ and you had gone gone GONE ! How dare you !! Without telling me ..och and och again .. I miss my fellow intuitive truth seeking battler against the great waves of odds and sods. Someone with a brain and whats more the synapses to articulate what is in said brain ....Sorry to see you go, but , BUT ..I totally understand why .. I do get a flavor of it there , and loathe the taste at times..Which is why I pull back , am hardly on twitter .
Please stay in touch, My email is on this blog site , I still have twitter profile ( @moontiger ) as this is the third time you have done the disappearing act on me ( wags finger ) and the older I get the more stroppy I become at losing people who are genuine, the real deal .. ( as they are a rare breed, a threatened species ) I wish you the best ..Will look forward to reading you here < but will miss the laughs on FB and the secret moans and rants ..oh and let me know about your knee !! Cyber hugs to you my precious friend .