Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The moment of eco and surf

It is always a new day...

Well it has been a trying experience in this stepping back outside of society, this walk to find something better then what our typical world view has to offer. First I started my travels in Salt Spring, an experience of well...being high and drunk while trying to ignore my own realities in an futile attempt to better myself. Well after a month long bender I finally sobered up and walked out into the open world. Really I was bored and decided to hitchhike to Tofino BC for the Weekend, just to witness the sunset. Now two months later and still haven't seen the sunset, I have wondered into my own dream in the hands of another who sees my vision. A world of eco friendly sustainable living.

What I stumbled into or well let me just tell you the story...

I was sitting with my friends in Centennial park in Ganges BC after work, trying to figure out what we were doing tonight. I in boredom of the usual thought it would be a great idea to visit Tofino. I've never seen the sunset before from the west coast of BC and figured it a good idea for something to do. Well the next day everybody was discussing my trip and wishing me a great time, well I wasn't 100% sure as it was just an idea but because everyone was wishing me a great trip I figured why not? Am I not carrying everything I own in my backpack? The hitchhike out there was long, I left by 7 am and after the sixth ride for a five hour journey I arrived in Tofino by 7. The man giving me the ride told me that if I needed a place to stay to go to a place called poole's land, and proceeded to drop me off right at the door. Well when I first approached the sign said closed, so I walked into town. The place isn't big but a beautiful community of close knit people. It is during the summer a huge tourist attraction from the mountains to the surf and sun. (well being a rain forest the sun doesn't come that often) I not knowing where to go decided to grab a six pack of lager and go pass out at tonquin beach

Well I woke up at 2 in the morning freezing my ass off lost in a new territory. Nothing new in my experiences in life, I do tend to travel often. I started walking until a coffee shop opened up then I tried to make the best of the day. Tofino thou is not a very large town as I mentioned before so the tour was done pretty quick. Now all this time I had the back of my mind nagging me to go back to poole's land and see what kind of place they had to rent for the night, after all I was pretty tired and needed a good sleep. When I walked in I was greeted with a Beware Of God sign, only welcoming me a little more.

Poole's land was an old Hippie commune for the last 23 years, at the time it was something fresh, something positive in a world seeking profit. However some dreams can become harder to achieve then others, the dream of poole's land became a mixture of time and energy, just to have the bylaw officers come in one day and demand all homes be destroyed, or taxes paid. So the place closed up, many shelters taken down, the old image being taken back by the growth of the rain forest. When I arrived it was closed for a couple years and only been open for over two weeks. Within the first few days I saw the true reality of the place I stumbled upon, this was my dream. A blank pallet to help mold with people only seeking the same, to help, to help others hold there heads high. To become a community without tall fences, where neighbors are welcome and spirit and love is high. .

I will leave this now, as pressing things are calling my attention. I will continue this story in a couple days...

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