Wednesday, August 15, 2012

????? raw

That was awesome! Michael rolls on his back laughing, mud slipping down his back. Did you see the floor come down just before we left?

Sing sits at a control panel that is mounted behind a latch on the outside of the ship. Well it's nice to know that you enjoyed my home getting destroyed, come on get up and get out of the rain, you don't want to be getting the flu now do you?

You sounded just like my dad, please stop reading my mind already! Sorry i just can't turn it off and on, it is a part of my species. Well just try to pretend not to ok? Fine my'key now come over here. It seems the portal is out of sync right now, i will have to open the emergency shelter until we can get back. Do you know where we are? Yes were still on earth, just not the right time. My'key looks around, just as he is about to open his mouth sing pipes in "No this is not Kansas anymore!"
Sing hits a button and the hatch closes and then reopens again, a light from the portal fills the dark forest floor illumating the area around them. Hurry up before we attract attention. Hey have you ever seen a feather this big? Michael holds up a feather about 3 feet in length, its colors are a bright yellow, pink and a light blue. Yes sing says and hurry inside before that bird comes back.
They enter the hatch, Michael's mouth hangs open. Before him is a room around fifty feet wide, a small collection of plants are growing in some sort of hydroponic system. Some of the plants look very alien to him, one has a collection of fist sized berries. The others were as red as sings hair, the leaves as big as footballs hang from its branches. He snifs and walks over to the last set of plants and holds out a bud that was drying from a line attached to the table. Is this what I think this is? Yes now hand me that pipe beside it and have a seat over by those chambers to your right. I need to clear my mind.
Sitting in a smoke filled room sing and my'key are both laying on the floor as White rabbit from Jefferson airplane is playing through the room. I know you are too young but the 60's was my favorite time in your history. The music the drugs the freedom to move. It looked like your species was really turning around, then you went back to the violence only bringing the weed and forgetting the love. Yea my mom was at woodstock, she and my dad met there. Really your folks were hippies? Yea mom said my dad.was grovy and way out there, I think she was politiely saying he was high as a kite when they met. 
I have smoked some weed before but this stuff is killer, did you grow this yourself? Yea i have been practising with different soils from other planets, this one is from a planet that was destroyed by a meteor about 30,000 years ago. Really? Yes the universe is cruel in all parts my'key, not just yours. Well take off those wet clothes and jump in here

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