Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My mind is a ghost

Within some moments, the sound of light can reach even the darkest parts of the empty human heart. To lift it from a shell and bring it forth a sense of pride. A series of days spent away from darkness brings a welcoming sense of  humanity. A feeling that not all are filled with that empty, that some are only struggling to breathe. Let's breathe together.

I am only here for a moment, as my time is more cherished in the sun then in this box within a box. Let not the knowledge you give direct others on bad paths. Let them only obtain truth, not bullshit covered in lies. We are already full of lies, if it is only belief or opinion then leave it to yourself. Push love not hate, walk helping others to stand beside, do not fight to take the lead. We are all leaders, all love and light, only wanting to live

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