Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why I am walking away... For now

I Tonight I sit in the comfort of a small trailer high on top of Mt Belcher, the night before I spent it on top of another mountain, one with not as many comforts. I have given up my mundane life as something or another and decided to follow his heart (mine) and his happiness (mine again). Please don't get me wrong my life was pretty good, the happiness was a little short but the love was and will always be strong, but that's really none of your business and I would thank you to mind your own... Well to make a story short I left it all to find the happiness within myself. To walk away from the city with its depression of controlled news and money based lives. I've given up on blogging and facebooking my anger, trying to send out a balance of love and strength in such a cruel world. Now if you are thinking I have given up the fight then you are wrong, I didn't see much of a fight in the first place. If everyone isn't invited, then it isn't my revolution. For the next few months I am living again in my realms, back in the woods. I spent most of my life running free now I feel a balance of domesticated and wild, owner and master.

Why I am writing this is for no reason but to say that I will be gone for awhile and I love you all. We must watch for the balance of truth and make believe, seeking freedom in the stars helps no one on the ground obtain the knowledge of finding their own. What ever religion you believe in, whatever structure, belief or knowledge you hold, if we don't remake the future together then we have only created another prison, another form of oppression. We must stop fighting each other, colour of skin or belief does not make you any more or less human. Money if held while others suffer is nothing but wasted lives. I am taking this time to find my love, to find my true belief without the manipulation of others. Think for yourself and let others think what ever they want.

All it takes is to not harm another, to let another have the freedom to live their life without someone telling them that "they" feel that they are living it wrong. If you hurt no other, invite no drama or force yourself on any thing living in this world then do as you please. Just let others have the same freedom. We are all the same, all born by chance in the shell and location in this world, all out of all our hands. It is not your fault or another on how or where you were born. It isn't someone else's fault on how someone mistreats you, it is how you treat another and pass the strength and belief of kindness and love.To make things better for the next generation. but you have a chance to make it better then you had it.

Stop being the victim, stand for the equality we all deserve, together. We need each other, I really don't care what you think of me, just keep that to yourself, however if you ever see me walking then please at least give me the decency of a smile or a hello. You wouldn't believe how much we could change the world if we only smiled to each other.

So after this I will be unplugged and living in a tent high on top of a mountain, only the sounds of a doe passing my tent every morning and the call of the birds will be my internet. Peace and love, remember the answer to the universe hasn't been figured out yet, so basically you'll all full of shit, wilcocks included.

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