Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mind Wasted...

                                                Dark Side Of the Moon - Al Magnus

Music brings thoughts in clear patters, echoing the halls of my mind, digging, probing.
They want the young blood...
These cobwebs still linger even in my lightened state, balance is beautiful, the day and the night.
Wicked concepts and everlasting love, mixed with Ecstasy. Sweeping in the realms of chaos, trying to tidy up a little. Wont let the creeping ivy... Wont let the nervous bury me...

They suck young blood.

Looking in these mirrors, replaced from the ones I destroyed so long ago, shattered reflections remembered.
Never forgotten.
New beauty, a moment of being alive.
Things I never felt before, it was always so dark or to bright. Never just right...

They want your blood...

Would you do anything? Would you lock yourselves in prison, just to be free?
Free of worry, free of threat?... Free to be anything but free...

Let the flags wave
wrap around the pole
let governments crumble, let chains fall through the hole.
They want the sweat meat, they can't have the young blood.
They can't have our freedoms any longer.

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