Monday, December 31, 2012

Lostrelics Rabbit Hole

I am a believer of Unity, Not Imprisonment...

Well I see the powers that should not be are out in full force for the ever changing fight of power. Now they have taken to the stage to stop the sales of guns in the United States, after the wake of the Sandy Hook Shooting. As of Sunday, Obama has pledged to devise an agenda to stop the violence of gun, stating on Meet The Press that “The question then becomes whether we are actually shook up enough by what happened here that it does not just become another one of these routine episodes where it gets a lot of attention for a couple of weeks and then it drifts away,” Obama said. “It certainly won’t feel like that to me. This is something that - you know, that was the worst day of my presidency. And it’s not something that I want to see repeated.” 

Now are you shook up enough to change the Second Amendment? Let us now look down the Rabbit Hole...

Now you must understand that America has a history of School Shootings, so why the big front to take the guns now? Lets us look at the aftermath first from the Aurora Shootings before we start any further. What we first learnt was after the shooting guns sales rose across the Country.
Most gun shops had sales rise to almost 300% from fear of the government using this shooting to implement ban on specific gun sales. Then we add now the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings and the steep rise of more sales Daily Mail - The Independent - Digital Journal - Times Union - Tampa Bay - Wichita Falls - New York And Los Angeles Times 

As the media pushes its opinions, and hard in fact. A local news paper in New York has decided to go even farther by posting people who are registered gun owners on an interactive map. So not only can you see who owns a gun in your neighborhood, so also does the crooks Where Are The Guns In Your Neighborhood? Mob Mentality at its best...

So why the big push? Why now does The Potus (who since his election has killed 400-800 civilians and 176 children with drone strikes) feels the need to care for the children? Could it be the UN Arms Treaty or the IANSA Global movement against gun violence, sponsored by No other then George Soros. (an investor of Obama's)

Always more questions then answers when dealing with these types of people...

Now since the Shootings, Corporate companies have lost their appetite for Gun Companies. Cerberus a private Capital Management Group  has decided to sell its stock in Freedom Group, one of the largest suppliers of personal and military weaponry.

As it seems more and more pressure is added US Companies back Away From Gun Makers.

See the US backed away from signing the UN arms treaty, for they wanted more time to consider it further back in July 2012. Further, no treaty has been signed however talks will resume in March 2013.  And after reading Obamas statement, I am sure his signature will be on it this time.

The President cannot put a complete ban on all weapons in the US from the signing of Internationale treaties with foreign nations unless (See 1957 Reid vs Covert ) there is an amendment to the Constitution the repeals or alters it or Supreme Court  reinterprets how the second amendment is applied.

So what is going to happen now? How much farther should I start going down this rabbit hole, and Why is a peace loving human discussing guns when he himself doesn't believe or praise any type of violence? For that answer we must go deeper. But for now, let us have a music break while I rest, before my quest further down this bloody hole...

Why I am jumping down this hole is very simple, I am a believer of Unity, and sustainable development, however what these guys have in mind is not freedom. If we are not all together as the human race, then it is more forced ideas and beliefs by people who never have had us at heart to begin with. But we will get to that in a bit, no time for my own opinions. I have some more climbing to do.

In today's news is the Fiscal cliff, and the fight to balance the books. Now if we start going down this hole you will see that some Powerful People are giving advice on how to stop a recession. While at the same time a few of those powers, has dumped all his holding with JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup and investing his money in Gold. Now Soros is 130 million worth of the precious metal. As he claims that there will be rioting in America as the country collapses. Soros warns of violent riots in america. Seems strange for someone so high up within the American financial institute to jump ship so easy. Now if your an investor, you would see this as a huge red flag, and if you are like me and have known for years the importance of buying  gold, you will see this as something planned for many years. Makes you wonder why all of a sudden a rush of buy gold for cash companies have popped up everywhere.... It seems that the ones who are going to be hit the hardest is the rich. And you might say good, however let me ask you one thing. If you knew the government will be taxing you on your millions with a 40% tax what would you do with your money? Keep it invested in the American dream or get it out as quick as you can in off shore banks and money laundering  It is not like they can buy property, that is also up on the chopping block.

So why would they want this, the pillar and strength of America is the individual wealth of its people. The country stands to not falter because of this fact, why change it? Now I am not any advisory  or one who understands most of this stuff, I am a street runaway, that understands the mentality of rats and crooks, as I have seen my fair share over the years, so if I am wrong please don't jump down my throat. I am doing my best here.

Ok So what does this Fiscal Cliff and gun laws have to do with anything? Well lets keep going down further, this time thou, we might be heading into some foggy areas, again I am only trying to create more questions, and have nothing to give an answer to.

Now let us look at Agenda 21

Now before you roll your eyes and start talking global conspiracies and the NWO garbage, please understand that agenda 21 is not a fantasy brought on by guys in tin foil hats. It is an all to real vision being implemented through out the world. Now what is Agenda 21? It is a plan for Governments to take control of all land use, and take away the individual rights and give them to the government who will be a steward or protector of the lands. It speaks of redistribution of wealth for poorer countries. So you again might ask "what is wrong with that?" Nothing if it was in the hands of people who really care about the environment. These are the people who have put us here in the first place and want us to pay for their mess. How many of you are dumping toxic waste in your backyard? Anybody???

This doesn't just go for land ownership, let alone aboriginal and first nations people losing their land rights all together for someone who believes they will take care of you better. This is the restructure of the Education System, the energy market, the transportation system, the governmental system, the health care system, food production, and more.  The plan is to restrict your choices, limit your funds, narrow your freedoms, and take away your voice. All by the same hands that have tortured, murdered, and pushed their agendas for years without asking us. 

Now what does all this have to do with anything? I personally don't know. I am only trying to bring in more question, to bring in smarter minds then me to help put the pieces together. Now if you want my opinion (even if you don't want it I will give it to you anyways)

This is about control, about disarming any threat. To create strife and unbalance for the people in this world. To create fear, and pressure. To bring us to bankruptcy, so they can bail us out. This is about Occupy, Idle no more. This is about controlled revolutions by the same people who are pushing this agenda. They want us fighting, they want us killing each other. With enough of us busy running in fear, or saving for the day of no tomorrow, they are busy deciding our future without even asking us how we feel. This is about GMO's and the population control with Sterilization . This is the dawn of a world order designed to keep us down, and they still stay rich. They know that the biggest war is not on the battlefields, but in the mind. And they will keep using what ever they can to keep you occupied, from anything but the truth. And what is the truth when they themselves create what we consider the truth? How they plan on getting the world to follow this is another question. In Canada right now they have protest becoming riots soon, where color will matter and not the ones who are pulling the strings. In America they have guns, and the fear of them either coming to take them, or them being used on you. We have unrest and riots all over the world, occupy anonymous and wikileaks. This is either the greatest moment of humanity or one giant ploy for global dominance... I am only trying to bring more questions the rest...  That is up to you to decide

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