Sunday, May 27, 2012

Running Out Of Roads

Torn from all that it knows it leaves the branch, floating on a gentle spring breeze.
A seed is born into the world, floating to the ground below.
Awaiting the soil or spark to give it life, so it can reach to the heavens and be part of the earth.
Natures true church, each moment a sermon on living and to remind ourselves of all that we have.
Each moment to give a new life the same freedom to grow.
To reach its hands to the sky.
We all need to reach our heights.

Beauty in our everyday lives,
busy running to live but never really living.
Stuck in this wheel while the rest are either running ahead,
or have fallen behind. Far and few outreached hands to lift one up.

Crowds of families lying that they are strangers as
the children are being left behind. As we all sell ourselves to the highest bidder
just to stay alive.

It's hard to see your beauty while the mirror tells you lies.
As society sell you lies. Reaching out to be our own unique selves.
Unable to see through all the stereotypes and labels placed.

It is all lies, life isn't a lie. We are all amazing, all capable of many feats.
Everyone of us deserves to to shine. To help others to shine.
I want to shine.

These roads of darkness are getting too old.
We need to start to think about better tomorrows.
Let us stop this now,
before we run out of road.

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