Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Humanity Is Everything

Why do we act so mean, why are we hurting our brothers and sisters. Is there any purpose to make others feel insignificant, to make them feel anything less then human.

Why must some abuse their power, inflict senseless pain on another. Push your views like only they matter, that superiority comes with price not a useless figurehead corrupted by his own ego.

Will this ever end, will we one day see that we are already broken. That this abuse has gone on for way to long.

Let us go, let us see.

Stop with your petty dreams of conquest and leave us to be.

To sail the seas of humanity without fear of being trampled.
Give nothing if that pleases you but stop being an asshole.
Stop looting those who are already pressed down by dictators thumbs.

Humanity is everything, your life is apart of everyone. Question authority but don't smoother a right, give up on freedom and you will always lose this fight. 

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@neutralmilk_EH said...

I enjoyed this, thank you.