Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Someday I will make sense

Well another lovely morning to wake with the sounds of birds, and the news... I promised to give it up, I really did. Just like I promised to stop being on the net so much in 2012, not so much thou.

Well what can I talk about today, my mind is still realigned from the stars. The moon my brother has left for the day and left sun as his place. I'm not complaining just making observations that's all. A slight wind has blown through my soul lifting it to heights never before Imagined, I can now see over the table.

So where is the next corporate controlled revolution, I heard pepsi was sponsoring to hide its mixture of water control and chemicals.
Not like coke has any leg to stand on, they are too busy saving the polar bear by selling you something refreshing and full of cancer.

Can we get a hand, a small lift from the doldrum we are partaking in now. Starvation is not as pretty on the runway as it is in real life. But the outfits do remind me of uninteresting topics, pale riders looking for a home. Strippers looking for a pole, dancers in the streets walking while others skip. So sad to see no one dances anymore without a beat. Manufactured sounds that resound in the afterthought...

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