Saturday, April 7, 2012

Seeking Gia, A Captains log...

Star date 13 - 4748.14858 - 16:32 - Well it has been thirteen years since we left earth on the quest to Gia 2, we are still unable to engage self control and our navigation's officer believes we are way off coarse. The ships control panel is deep within each craft, and is wired to blow if tampered. We have tried all forms of defusing the devices but are unable to. The system is locked and the date of release is unknown to us.  We are thinking of hitting the hyper drive again to hopefully stall the engines, maybe gaining control again and gather our bearings. We still have no understanding of what happened that day, we can only speculate that we were deceived to leave planet. I only did it for my family and never really wanted to leave Earth. To breathe fresh air again.

Star Date 13 - 4748.1485 - 23:00 - Things have been chaos since we left, the crew has gone completely off their rockers. Fighting over land rights and valuables like it means something up here, in this vast empty space. Our ship is calculating everything, dodging asteroids from a million miles and still we have no known destination. All ships seem to be in working order, each equipped with solar energy and miles of forests and vegetation to create oxygen and food for the rest of their lives, however long that is. We had made some break throughs with the computer but after today we lost all of them. A digital mask of Guy Fawkes showed up at 17:45 on all screens, its message simple. "One more time for good measure" It said and then all the screens went dark again. Even the ones we made some advancement to open. It's like they are playing with us and the mood is getting angry amongst passengers. There is a warning in dock 432 about engines collecting energy. I must go check this out.

Star Date 13 - 4748.1487 - It seems the rebels left us with another surprise, another set of rockets engaged and now we are close to traveling the speed of light. Damage has been high as many people were not properly encased for such speeds. No loss of life as of yet but many broken bones, nothing we can't heal. We are going past any speed that has ever been documented. Our scientists don't believe we can escape a collision. If I had a God Today would be a good day to pray, but since I don't I'm going for a drink.

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