Saturday, April 7, 2012

I am off to go play, time for a drink

Is it that we have gone crazy, the load of it all finally breaking. Is it that we are still high from that last spiritual quest. Ingesting cap after tab seeking guidance from those who are already dead. What does the dead know of the living anyways. Are we seeking guidance in blogs from people disguised as aliens out to bring world peace. Is the wormwood already in the water, and we're high on our facebook status and fashion sense. Proud of our labels of separation. Pushing ideas of beauty and perfection in a imperfect world only brings heartache. Let us be who we want, let us climb our own mountains without more being pushed. Let us be free for once, let us be able to help another. Of coarse this is only what I want and has nothing to do with you. I'm just here ranting on a beautiful spring day, watching the sun go down. Let me find something more comfortable to listen to. I think I am off to go play.

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