Friday, April 27, 2012

If I Only Could...

If i only could by Regan Welder

Dreams happen often, I see people saying to follow your dreams all the time and you figure most who say that must have followed theirs (why else would they say it) Dreams are important, they help us escape the realities of life and keep us going during those moments of hardship. They give us something to strive for a reason to get out of bed on those rainy days. Are you following your dream? Is there something that keeps you going, something you would like to aspire to? Is it fame or glory, is it wealth or being with that someone you have dreamed about for so long.

If you had that chance would you stand up or let it slide. Will you grab the bull by the horns and stare him down or step aside and walk away. For me it seems almost impossible to follow my dreams, and yes the last lines before this is don't give up, however that message is for you. I admit my dream comes with many faults, as I suffer deeply from white night syndrome. My dream is to build an honest charity, one that documents all actions making sure there is no question where your money is going and who I am really helping. See I don't need anything, I could live off of satisfaction alone just knowing that my life I gave to help others at least helped one soul.

However in life there are a few rules one must follow to achieve greatness, one is to stand out above the rest, something I could never do. You are my brothers and sisters, you are my family and a stranger is only love I haven't shown yet. Yes I love you. I have been in love with you since I was a little child, I followed Christ and his teachings for many years to realize it wasn't gods love I was seeking, it was yours. I fell in love with the created not a creator for I see so much love in you, so much more then you believe you are. No matter what people say or what image you might see in the mirror, you are beautiful. I was once there myself, I only saw a monster who had no worth, who had no home. It was you thou that kept me going. As my life got at its worst I had you to thank for picking me up. So many people, so many "strangers" who nursed me back, who trusted a confused child on the street and welcomed me unto their homes.
That is all I can give back myself, unconditional love.

With that I  must get things straight within my own self and unload some of these feeling I have held for so long. Yes it was a long introduction but here I go... (I hate using my image but since I am leaving my heart here I might as well leave a Image of the shell it comes in) ok
If I only could show you what is in my heart you would see only what you wanted to see. You would look at the shell and make a first impression, not giving a chance to see deeper inside. I am more then this shell as you are more then yours. We have only to get passed that point, to stand beside then to lead. To hold your family up and never try to let them down. We are only our word and with this we must be true. Scornful tongue can destroy lives, a simple smile can make someone's day.

All we all want is safety and security for our family, to have a place to lay. To not be judged by color, as none of us has a choice on that. Be beautiful with who you are, be better with someone you love. Love everyone, even those who might have hurt you once before, just remember they are hurting to. I do not believe in forcing opinions, we all have our own crosses to bare but please just listen. We need each other, we need unity to change this world for the better and it all starts with you! (Yes You) It is how we react, how we treat each other that counts. Fame can be achieved by not standing on the backs of others but by lifting someone higher then they ever thought they could. We need to stop hurting each other, killing each other to be number one. We are all one!

Tomorrow can bring change, tomorrow we can rewrite our fading history to something better. Lets start by giving love first. And even if you can't love everyone then give them the respect by treating them as a human. We all need to be treated better and it has to start with us first. Love yourself and open yourself to be loved. Again I am trying not to force or cram any beliefs, I an human and my gods are you.

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