Saturday, April 28, 2012

O brother...

Walking down streets with screaming drunks looking for a line, unable to walk a line. Seeking comfort in ny first world problems, hungry nearly homeless and left alone when the chips fell. Nothing to do but see what happens tomorrow. It's hard trying to live in your world, no room for the open of heart, just beasts roaming with knives for the nearest back, one word from the next scrap.

My love she married a man who has no need for things, now she is left with cashless dreams. Wondering around missing the past she left for love, wondering if it was worth it. Do I amuse and lead a shallow life, walking in skin that just won't feel right. Leave the dreams of helping the unknown for cheap suits and a haircut to match. Taking the golden road for trade of my soul, looking from skyscrapers at the jungles below. Is it that easy to throw such things away? To crawl in muddy waters watching the children be baptized in the name of three things. Watching as confusion spills from the kings. Seeking transcending deposits in the name of a star seed, seeking starvation in the name of ties never mentioned in books that seem so plain.

Rain down on me... FRom the Great High, from great heights. Please stop raining on me.

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