Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Sun is Calling

Well the sun is calling and I feel like spending the day by the water, Enjoying the peacefulness as my dog run up and down the beach chasing his toy. I just really hope the tide is out. I live in the middle of a bird sanctuary off the coast of Western Canada, a block away from the ocean and love every moment of it. I admit I take a lot of the same pictures but the view is amazing and the scenery does change with every frame.

I lived in a lot of concrete jungles, the rush of the city, the bad smells, the sense of being alone surrounded by millions. So now I tend to stop and enjoy it. The need to see everything, do everything, has come to a age induced halt. (for now anyways) And I feel I Must clear the mind before I start a new reflection. A new beginning.

Peace and love to you today, Maybe tonight I will find the time to write with you all. I have lost my anger which is a good thing, I am finally silent in the soul. I gave it away on twitter and now feel this need to just rest. I've been screaming all my life and now others are finally awakening and I feel less alone. Now if we can just push of differences aside and learn to live with each other then the world could be our oyster.

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