Friday, March 23, 2012

Grammar Impaired^ A Friday Morning True Story.

Doesn't this look like a man scratching his butt on the floor? once you see it, you will never forget it...

First before I start this story I would like to explain some things, mainly the bad line breaks or comma errors (and sometimes spelling) that you will witness in horror while I practice away for my grande life long story. For now I must plug away at a few of the million stories I have created in my mind over the hours of the days and the years of my time on this world, while either riding on city transit or or for some reason have found the time to do such things.

See I can't say that I have any excuses about these mistakes, I have the ability to search anything I wanted to right at my fingertips, so saying that it is one things fault or many would only be sad excuses and I've never been into those. I just would like to say is that I really didn't do much schooling, and when I say this please understand this is not boasting or something to be proud of but I was the devil incarnate as a child. Smart, rebellious and arrogant even at a very young age I tore through school like a whirlwind, questioning everything and not learning the simple basics like spelling, grammar or stuff like commas before conjunctions.

I am getting better and soon enough will be ready to tackle the mountain of story for my novel, . So until then if you can deal with these mistakes then thank you. If you even want to point things out then please do it also. I might not always answer with a kind response, it's just somedays I'm a little crazier then others.

So I'm going to end this on a little song because I'm asking you brothers and sisters to let me lean on you. Hold me when I'm not strong, help me carry on and learn how to write a proper story without it looking like a fifth grader did it. Give me those hints to lift me up to the heights of all those other great authors. Help me be as wise as you. (Did I sound sincere, or did that come off sounding sarcastic?) (I might also be trolling a little) (Really just a little, I know it really is that bad)

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