Thursday, March 22, 2012

My'Key! Another Short Story (chapter 1)

All written on my phone while going to work.

Hey mom when is dad coming home? The young boy chuckles as he walks in the screen door. He has been playing this mean game for years, since his father left five years ago. Shut up and do your homework, his mom bellows from the next room. She's sitting in front of an old sewing machine, catching up on some things she has left over the past year. As she needles the thread and picks up an old ivory button and starts mending a rather well used teddy bear. "Super bunny" he mentions as he walks into the pink room that over the years has become his mothers hiding place.

The room smells like mothballs and grandma, on the walls are pictures, so many in fact that only parts of the faded pink stripped wall paper is shown. The pictures are of the family that she lost. Two years earlier her parents were lost to a small fire that ravaged the old homestead. The charred remains of their home lay still behind the new trailer that she bought with the inheritance. Mike sits in front of her on a small three legged stool and proceeds to grab the stuffed animal from his moms hands.

Did I get any mail today?

No, nothing today.

Damn it he mumbled, I sent those collage letters four weeks ago, I should have heard something by now.
Why are you in such a rush to leave your poor dying mother she asks with that look only s mother can lay without being truly considered guilt.

Ah mom you know you're not dying, as he lays the bear down and stands up to look at a picture of his grandpa on the wall. The picture is his grandfather, lieutenant Michael Davidson Sr. in his full military fear standing beside a worn torn spitfire. Mike starts to imagine that it"s him behind the mighty metal bird. Soaring through the clouds with a Japanese kamacuzi fighter dodging his bullets, the guns blazing as the empty shells fall from the red hot guns and rain on some unsuspecting farmers field in Hawaii.

He lightly touches the propeller on the picture and turns to his mom. You know I can't live here forever, there is a whole world out there that I'm missing and nothing seems to be going right for me out here. Well if i had it my way you would never have grown as big as you are now, his mother replies. Mom I'm not going yo be your little man forever, flustered from this talk that has happened way too many times over the part year, she puts down the needle and gets up and walks to the kitchen and starts grabbing food from the fridge.

Who is going to take care of me she says? If your out roaming the campuses in your fancy collage, your poor mother will be all alone. Wasting away on this empty farm, no body to love me. Come on mom this is not fair, Your little boy is becoming a man now. Man she laughs, you're only 17 and still have peach fuzz on your cheeks. Hey its called a goatee, and its grown pretty thick over the last few months. She laughs and starts to make him a sandwich, ok magnum why don't you take this sandwich and go fight some crime. I'm sure tc will be around shortly to pick you up in the helicopter and wish you away to some exotic beach. Don't be hating mom, Michael grabs the sandwich, he walks out of the room and opens the screen door and sits on the porch. He puts the sandwich down and starts throwing rocks at an old rusted nuts and bolts coffee tin that lays off to the side.

I am never going to leave this one horse town he thinks to himself as a rock smoothly falls into the can. He looks to the sky, the wide never ending sky of the prairies. Desolation and endless fields is all he can see. You can watch your dog run away for days he use to hear his old man mention. Before he left with some blonde waitress he met at the gas station so many years ago. He can still picture is father working on the old tractor that now has finally laid to rust. Running out to ask if he was ready for him to try to turn it over. He eats the sandwich, grabs a large rock and chucks it as hard as he can. It bounces off the old worn out tire and flies through the living room window with a crash. His mother opens the screen door and starts to yell. What the hell you doing out here? Sorry mom it was an accident. Well now I have to call someone in to gets this window fixed, she mentions as she gives him a stern look. Go get some tape and block that hole before the bugs get in, and hurry before it gets too dark. He patches the window and tells his mother he'll be back soon. Don't go to far, dinner will be ready in an hour. He shuts the screen door and walks to his bike.

Cruising down the old back roads he imagines his bike being a Harley, he leans back and rests his arms like ape hangers over the handle bars. Imaging himself in full leather, riding the open highway. A rebel without a cause. He looks to the sky and sees in his mind a sky full of spitfires, he smiles and hits the gas.

With a sudden stop kicking same and dirt he stops and listens, a slight high pitch whine is coming from the field to his right. He rides in the ditch and leans his bike against a pole and jumps over the barbwire fence. As he starts walking the sound keeps increasing louder, he climbs a small dust hill and stands on top. Below him is an abandoned gravel pit that is giving off a thick yellow smoke. The noise is starting to hurt his ears so he stuffs his earbuds in that were in his pocket and starts to walk over to the hole. As he is walking he notices a small metallic object hidden in the hole.


He calls to no answer. He walks to the ledge of the hole and slides down. The object is no bigger then the pup trailer he stayed in when he was camping as a kid. He starts to circle it when he notices a latch open on the far side. He walks toward it nervously, inside is black but a strange hammering sound is coming from within. He gets closer to the hatch and yells again inside, hello? Still nothing but blackness and that hollow banging. He looks down and grabs a rock and bangs on the side of the hatch, is anyone in there? The hammering stops instantly. Michael weeks his head a little ways in the hatch, all he can see is darkness but he smells something familiar that reminds him of his uncles basement. All of a sudden a silver object appears in front of his face that reminds him of a muffler. He slowly steps back and trips as a creature appears in front of him.

What the hail do you think you're doing boy? Mike opens how mouth but no words come to mind. Do you always knock on peoples transports with rocks? The alien reaches out and rubs the side of the ship that was hit. You humans have no consideration what so ever, where in that primate mind did you think this was a good idea? I, I Michael stammers crawling still backwards from the mysterious alien. It had to stand about 7 feet high in a greenish suit that looked like leather with veins. It had hair that was the colour of the sun that blew wild in the wind.

Micheal looks at the strange creature and starts to scream and run...

Chapter 2

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