Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Will Always Miss A Beat When I Walk With You.

Art within music is not always beats of four, sometimes it comes to a long road before it brings you more. As the song says we've went through hell, and all ends well.

Even when you find it is only noise, as the city often is. If you seek deep within yourself you will see the subtle clash of horns and plains can bring images of a serine music scene. The stomp of the heels on a morning pavement, the laugh of an unknown stranger. All can be lifted to a balance of rhythm.

Not all music is the same within my four walls, I've stepped away from the same and keep finding myself floating adrift on an endless stream of fascination. Did you listen to the beat? Is everything ending well? Can you define the music of your soul with the constant smash of the radios speakers? Does it have to be liked by masses before you ears give it a go, are we twisting these bubble gum tunes on the 45's bringing satisfaction to the soul. Without blues do we even have a soul, again all ends well, as I walk through hell.

A will always miss a beat when I walk with you.


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