Friday, February 10, 2012

Darkness Befalls Our Protector (A old story)

A solemn illumination befalls on a darkened old tree. Its branches bare of leaves only decay and rot remain. A knotted rope with frayed ends hangs blowing in the cold wind, the bones of crows fades to dust. Forlorn for three millenniums this gallow tree has stood its place, with roots so deep they feel the fires of hell fed by the countless dead that has decorated its once mighty branches. It lies by the border of a ruthless land full of rivals torn of war, behind it lay the forest of ancients, where only cowards from failed battles hide, because the fear of those men are so great only so deep would they go. On the side of that tree there lay a road so old its destination has been lost in time. Only the trees know the way.

As imagination guides us past that evil with so many necks that have been broken we seek to follow this road of wonder and fright. Studying the path and the pebbles that lay only shows that age erased any foot of man or track from carriage. As the light slowly fades only to show splashes of prism sparks reflections from dew on the foliage, with no sound not even the shuffle of feet. Moving eagerly as darkness finally Overcomes from the thickness of these old woods. Only guided now by sense of something pure ahead and the feeling of love a soft glow in the distance that shows itself.

The view was like the sun but in these dense woods no sun touches the ground but natural all the same. In time and moments like these fear would surely rule thought, at present only a sense of bliss remains. Closer to the light the reflections blinding peering through shaded hands there holds a fountain made mingled of gold and crystal decorated around symbols of a language to ancient to remember. What was flowing in this pool was a liquid not like lead but as solid but flowing of every colour that is of this earth. The movements of this fluid so dizzying to the eyes to recall any form or flow. Just above floating and sleeping a vision of beauty no creature or work of art could compare. Her hair the colour of the sun sparkling on diamonds her skin the colour of all nations black, white brown all of Cree or kind. Around her lay a crimson haze. with no marks of religion or sects the liquid that lay between this beauty ripples and tries to grab and pull but a force obeys. The sound in the air so full of harmony no choir could imitate. 

The clouds above were of fire that danced and swayed with the sounds from the heavens.Then as a spike  nailed asks notice, a voice rose through the music soft a satin but full of judgement. With words that sound like many but of a single voice calls welcome. This call all at once invokes images of staring at ones soul and reading the stains of sins like a book. Then her eyes open of a color never before seen in any life and with words with out movement of mouth or tongue say “I have been here since the birth of man and on that special day I built what you see before you, this garden with a wall to protect the seed I buried. This seed if fed right with love from humanity would grow and flourish into a tree with many baring fruits. Within this fruit is the hope and knowledge to feed and give life for all who eats it. I sat awake with that seed as man spawned and spread through the world but I got tired not seeing it sprout. I laid to rest a little hoping to wake next to that mighty tree”. But in my sleep I dreamed of man and the torment they threw at each other and starvation and war and death. And in my sleep I wept for you and I called to your hearts but to no avail. As the years went by these walls became a fountain that held my tears of sorrow and as sorrow does it beckons to take and drown me. As I speak and show you my gift, I tell you now the seed has gone to rot from my tears and the tree will never grow. The force that has held me from these waters is losing all grip, as  my time has finally come to its end. Now that I show you my gift and tell my tale I will let the water take me along with the seed I tried to sow. To rot I will become so walk now back down that road and past that tree but don’t look back I have already had more pain in my life that i can handle just tell my story so man can have a better tomorrow. In my mind I asked her to give humanity another chance, to not walk away so easily and to not give up. She came and whispered by my ghost that she can't take this pain. In my translucent arms I hold her and give her a gentle kiss. I wipe away a tear as my hand grows solid from her touch.

Is this a dream I ask her as I embrace her within my arms. She looks and smiles and takes me within the sky to lay upon the clouds. Her touch was gentle and we made love amongst the heavens and the stars. She laid me back on the ground and gave me a gentle kiss as my eyes felt heavier then they have ever been. When I awoke I was left near a small brook and a smaller sapling growing from the ground. Within my mind was a note left "You have given me back my faith and my life, with my tears I have given you this stream to refresh and drink from. To take my sorrows away. And to help grow this offering. For you have given me hope and with that I thank you.

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