Sunday, February 12, 2012

Strange Metal Boxes Wash Up On Shore... UFO Sightings reveal more strange metal boxes along coastal beaches...

Well it looks like we have another mystery on our hands, the supposed strange metal boxes found on the beaches of the west coast around Bray's Point Oregon. The original article came from Huliq a profit shared newspaper that offers writers a chance to make money of their stories (just like what I'm doing now) here is the article The article states that "as of late afternoon, Bill Hanshumaker a public marine specialist and (ph.D) doctor of marine science at the hatfield marine science Center stated "I don't know what they are"

Well I decided to take a walk down the beach since I live on the west coast and only a few hours from Bray's point and to my surprise the only thing I found was a fat seagull feasting off the spoils of a ravens meal. Now don't get me wrong this article could be true, I still wonder why the only two pictures of these strange metal boxes are filtered like the one above me and this one. It does make me wonder if this is not just another hype for people to make a few dollars from the idea of UFO's and the 2012 conundrum.

So I ask you this, is anyone reading this live near Bray's point and can give a definitive answer without filters or hearsay? Will this be chalked up as another false UFO story while the youtube videos fly. Since I started looking into this four hours ago and two articles on the net, now it seems everyone has the answers and the aliens have landed... Remember people that not everything you read on the net is true. Shit I could be lying about the fat seagull and could be too lazy to even walk outside. Of coarse I am not lazy (well to a point) and I freely admit I am only writing these blogs because I have a fear of losing my home in light of the financial crisis. Not like I am making millions anyways...

I found an update, I hope this helps even more

(Florence, Oregon) – A rash of outrageous and hilariously odd stories about beach junk on the central Oregon coast turned a slightly dark corner last week when the claims about “mysterious metal boxes,” caused such a stir on the Net that various entities and individuals were forced to waste resources, man hours and money to either look for these objects or answer an irritatingly large tsunami of questions from over-excited media outlets. Still even less reputable websites engaged in a disturbing display of spreading unfounded claims, as some further embellished the original tale with even more preposterous yarns about a cover up, men in black on the beaches, secret ops helicopters and much more."

"The “mysterious metal boxes” turned out to be made of wood, and were merely parts of a float system for a dock that had been destroyed upstream in a recent flood."

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