Sunday, February 19, 2012

Today's Thought Is About Addiction

As a few of you know I was a street rat for many years of my life. I traveled around watching society and the dangers of the coarses we keep running in. Over my 16 years I have seen many of my friends die from addiction.

I watched as they changed the chemical for making Meth Illegal and the result of the bathtub chemical that is eating the minds and lives of many people all over the world. I watched crack as it was a joke to now a hidden secret with many people. I've seen the lives ruined, the damage done and the crime that follows it. All of these symptoms designed to keep us down, to waste away the weak. To lower population and to raise funds for a war that will never be won, as too much profit is to be made from it.

So over the coarse of the last week, I've been reading about a Canadian pharmaceutical company called Prudu Pharma Canada who will stop manufacturing a drug known as OxyContin, a opiate based drug used for pain relief. The reasoning is that they want to make a newer drug that is not as easy crush, which in turn would make it harder for addicts to get high. What I don't understand is when they were creating this drug that they "supposedly" didn't think about this at the time. Or even the fact that you can crush this drug and smoke it. 

I have watched as drug dealers have hooked this drug on a newer generation, young kids popping pills thinking it's not as bad as any other drug because it was created by a big Pharma company. Also since their parents are on them it is easier to obtain. Watching young lives get wasted by a drug designed to take away the pain, but has created more pain then anyone could ever imagine. I honestly don't see this being a "mistake" these drug companies know exactly what they are doing. And since America is protecting some of the largest opium fields in the world and the downgrade of heroin addiction, I can see why creating a pill like this makes sense for a corrupt business sort of way. Why not create a drug that will get many addicted, then take it away. This will only create a surge in prices with little options of finding that same high unless seeking other opiates. 

In my opinion this will only create a higher demand for heroin, and a wave of overdoses as these kids will have no clue on how much to take. The price for heroin has dropped considerable over the years and the prices of these pills are only rising by the second. Now the question is who are we to blame? Should we blame Prudu who created a drug that has hundreds of thousand addicted? Do we blame the blameless doctors or legal "drug dealers" for countless crimes of getting people addicted so they can get a bonus from the companies that supply them. Or do we blame the federal Government for allowing the FDA to let such a poison onto the streets and in our homes. I see this only causing a boost in death, crime and harder drugs to cope with the loss of this bloody pill. 

I guess for Harper the leader of Canada and his new crime bill C30 and his plans for super prisons, this is a perfect way to fill those empty cells and to show the world how dangerous these streets really are.

MY OPINION: I myself blame all three, they knew what they were doing. They let it happen and will compensate with a flood of harder drugs to keep this flow going. No matter what you think, these addicts are our family. Our love ones and brothers and sisters. The are trying to live in a world that is only based on confusion and pain. And they keep taking advantage of us. They are controlling our minds and our lives and taking us down in anyway then can. We can't keep letting this happen. This is our world too and our children. Just don't give up on them, give up on a government who would let this happen.

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