Sunday, February 19, 2012

Brothers and Sisters listen to your own positive words.

I sit today behind invisible bars,
mouth closed with censored red tape.
The words Freedom to move only used in telling stories of old.
Now a check post every few feet.
Cameras recording my every moment,
as big brothers monitors and waits.
Lines of expression have already been drawn,
a small step for you, a door closed for fate.

I do admit some freedoms of speech are scary,
as lawyers make headways in civil suit cases.
Police protecting the corporations while locking up the oppressed.
Words that fill the screen, will be marked as spam and treated no less.
Farmers in fields being forced to use man's design,
as the ground cries in pain and drought waits on time.
Cold calculating fingers keep stirring the pot,
adding pills to relieve our hypertension on the spot.
Stress the killer, depression the key,
disorderly conduct comes with free drinks for you and me.
Time waits for no man, and no man waits for time.
All will be revealed, once you step out of line.

Your language is set to enslave free thought as Chaos instills universal matter into a tree.
 Be as the tree, let it all matter.
Be a beacon of light in this relatively darkened world, be the opposite of the hero's on the screen.
Care for human life.
Do not let others dress you, be comfortable in your own skin.
Not the Photoshop impressions they sell on the racks.
We are unique in our upbringing, naked we're all the same.
Let others be the voice of confusion.
Seeks facts before making waves with hyphened tongues.
No matter what they say we are all family.
With many voices seeking the same thought.
Safety for the rest.
We are one species, we don't need to kill each other to prove a point.
This land is not yours, your paper means nothing to time.
Let us roam, let us be fed.
Give us the freedom to help another.
Not this freedom to help ourselves.
Brothers and Sisters listen to your own positive words,
Your actions create waves, let them be smooth.
Let us all see your light.

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