Friday, February 17, 2012

Fish with a blind side of depth

Sullen and swollen, still unable to lick my wounds.
My tongue to dry to even try.
Only wanting tears for something to drink, only something solid to grasp.
The little hamster’s fear of cardiac arrest is not so much a fear anymore
Life seems to never stop as late you all act vicious towards us?
Sound believable to you, yea me to, wasted words with even more wasted breath.

I am tired my pillows filled with salt water from deep walks.
My eyes red from too many suns all dried up from false views
Bones broken but still I stand, just one ugly skull when I go.
This fire running threw me, death in one hand the image of it in the other.
So low on energy why do you harvest now?
I can not run you will not make me, I will stand against this pain.
This onslaught you throw at me your words only designed to hurt.
Why must I have something to grasp, god world I fall to you now.
I am drowning...

When things go to waste and you decide this undoing.
You all stand around this wooden box of mine, dropping post it notes of old reminders.
This box of empty shells, with a filled floor of busted dreams.
As they gloat from frothed corners of spittle moistened lips
Throw your claws in with this dirt and teeth
In a warehouse called my soul my heart is in slow decay.
Tempted with maggots and supple honey as minds lash in mind.
Pink I heard you so well, goodbye cruel world I am leaving you today.

Where is my hanging tree filled with hungry crows?
My knots of distress something to swing over I am sure missing.
Its was such a time coming, it was well worth the wait.
You park your boat of nerve in my waters.
Fish with a blind side of depth.
I do not want your hand to grasp.
You can not say goodbye, I will say farewell you are not welcome.
Leave me to lick my wounds...
Let me bleed tonight
I will call you cold tomorrow.

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