Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Taste Of Copper

Whispers ........so soft soothing every inch to calm. 
Touch gentle in your hash natural Passion . 
Cold in your touch but smooth on my flesh. 

You call my name in the dark, you caress me to wakeyou hold me with gentle wet kisses longing for the night not to end. 

Then in your arms we make love and i hear the oceans calm for that time of Turmoil.
The hidden mistress with bouts of hidden rage.
Longing ....of the family you crave with hidden lust.
Confusion of the love that is shown and the meaning inside, you push me away with fits of spite in the darkour passion.

 To much to hold you walk away with no ring for your love, hidden meaning with every breath.
I whisper to you and call your name in the dark, you touch me with wet eyes and sullen tongues.
We make love again as passion flare sand we sleep.
Love my drug, you my addiction.

My finger nails have hit the rusty nail, i can not crawl anymore.
This illusion you have set me a drift, crashing worlds on my own.
Faded peddles left on the bed.
With eyes like dreams.

This blood faint in this my empty chest, crashing like a lonely cymbal.
Falling for your ploys and blood stained teeth, glistening in your faded eyes.
You are going to leave a mess when you go.
You have my heart now let it go.

This taste of copper, its pure essence sheltering me in this twine.
Holding me close in your disguise, never letting this dove fly.
Just broken skin, and marks from old wounds.

Simple is the way you left me hanging, lost words on dead air.
Hollowed out the skin to find a better hold.
To grasp at the weakness, that is my love.
scold with passion, flake away dreams like faded roses.
dried up petals. 

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