Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Copy, Paste And Decode.

Copy paste and decode 
Symptoms of tomorrows non-existence .
Sparrows running amuck in the fields that were called home.
Singing empty songs of yesterdays past.

We play this field song like tribal drums in the mist,
swallowing everything but the dust.
Sensing tomorrows dream but feeling the empty sense of it all.
Songs of yesteryear playing on the top forty,
wanting dance and the sense of jive.

Staying is the best of this worse condition, 
slumber in the mist we call fate.
Wallow with the pigs but do not get slaughtered,
those pearls will not get stuck in those throats.
We all whimper on the aftertaste.

Forget the taste and follow along.
Seeking the gold that we can all drive on,
longing for mansions and the coolest faze.
Wondering tomorrow if we can handle the haze.
Dancing with demons and the way of the west,
not the six guns but the pimped out cool vests.
Sipping the song that will never play,
longing for days that have already been played.

The speck in the road is all that you have,
we walk in distance reminders of someone else's game.
The dragging that comes behind is only a fragrance caught in your mind,
the rose that hides somewhere in your path.

That sparkle that is in your eyes feasts on the pain,
to shred the life from within us all.
You ride the beast waving your colors to the night,
you presence torches the ground.

Your passion faded in this limelight,
you stroked your ego to flame the fans.

You use to be alright

Dusted and been reminded over the years that trust is not your thing,
your here to win you walk within your own landscape.
Knocking people down in your tipsy topsy world,
throwing punches threw the crowds.

Peeling the plastic to find the face you have hidden,
nothing short of forgiveness.
Tempting the way you persuade the masses,
you speak with out forlorn.

Did you dance with me the first time you intervened within my life,
i can not remember the stain you put on my birth.
This reaction this recoil of triggered shotguns,
you words sink in my chest.

You will always be within my presence you are my soul,
My mind within my mind. 

For i am you.

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