Monday, February 6, 2012

Madonna the Illuminati And The Superbowl

Well did it get you talking? Did you run out right away to make a youtube video telling the world that the devil and the Illuminati have graced the stage of the NFL, did this type of marketing work for your ever searching minds looking for signs of the Apocalypse on Rihanna Videos and Lady Gaga album covers...

All I see is another has been singer looking for her 15 more borrowed minutes of fame using the Illuminati card to bring up controversy. Which in turn bring album sales up, and youtube videos to an all time high. Don't get me wrong, yes the Freemason's and Illuminati are a reigning force in this world, but does that mean every singer is involved? Do you really think the devil is laughing at the world and family values of America because this show went on? Please I hope you understand (The religious anyways) that if this devil is true then he already has the American people in pride alone. And if Madonna ever had a soul she sold it a long time ago.

I myself try not to give attention to this type of marketing ploy but it has the world talking. Not like Madonna is worried, she hasn't had this much attention since she kissed Britney Spears (ohhh girls kissing) So in other words, the show was a sucess, the world is talking and the brainwashing youtube videos are flying and her record sales will get a boost, and she didn't even have to show a tit.

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