Monday, February 6, 2012

Mondays Music Spotlight: Dan Mangan Canada's Apology For Justin Beiber

Today I am going to spotlight one of my newest finds on the music shelves, Dan Mangan. Dan is a Vancouver based singer/songwriter who has just released his third album Oh Fortune He brings with him haunting lyrics and melodies that bring awareness and passion for the world and his surroundings. He is still relatively new on the world music scene but I see this lasting not much longer. If you are a fan of Good Music then check him out.

I found the album by accident when I found an Ipod and was looking to find a name to turn it into. I stumbled on Some People from his second Album Nice, Nice, Very Nice and fell in love right away. Well being a fan of crazy religions the song hit home. From that moment I was hooked. I am still going through the new artist shakes and have his albums on a constant shuffle, but I can walk away I promise I'm not hooked...

The album is amazing and sad at times, but true to the reality of this world. Not everything comes with a smile but it does leave you smiling afterwards. Below me is his website and after that are a few of my choices for best videos.

This is off his Second album Nice, Nice, Very Nice and the song is called Sold A video I promise that will make you smile and tap your toes.

This one is not much a video then it is a wonderful song about people needing to pay attention to what they read

This one is a live performance done in the forests of British Columbia Rows of Houses/ Trees, leaves, forest

Step out of the box and immerse yourself in something new, I dare you!

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