Sunday, February 5, 2012

What Is it with men and Star Wars or why I like to be a Jedi

Well there is many reason why I decided to talk about this subject today, one is because at least once a week I tend to post a star wars related picture on facebook and the second is because I was born in 74 and there was nothing as exciting as this when I was growing up. So what is the fascination? It can't just be those few moments of princess Leia in that golden bikini or the exceptional writing throughout the entire movie (more holes then Swiss cheese) and don't get me started on the new ones and the 3d ones and the blu-ray and darth's pussy screams of NOOOOO while throwing Emperor Palpatine to his death to save his son.

For me it's the idea of old ways, of honor and knighthood. When people gathered together to become a voice and sense of purpose to help those who need it most. Unlike nowadays where we tend to build our walls higher and our passion for being alone a priority, this idea is to gather together and bring our strengths to unite against a common enemy. Of coarse not all knights were full of honor, look at the truth of the knights of the round table and you see that such a lovely story of love and romance was truthfully a slaughter to push a religion that was new to the people. (Not really new but a ripoff of every other religions to make one epic story about death and rapture) NOOOOOO!

Heck I'm getting off subject again, oh a shinny quarter! Just Remember Kids don't do drugs...

And it's not just me, over the years people have dedicated their lives to this series, either from the mash of Buddhism and yoda to the fansites of movies, posters and tee-shirts or even how Lucas is selling everything that made this movie to nothing more then cheap plastic memories. No matter if you are a fan or not this seems not like it's going anywhere anytime soon. And if lucas keeps on this way we will soon be seeing a Broadway version coming to the big apple.

So today's question is... What does Star Wars mean to you? Are you such a fan you own all three vhs series and dvd and bluray? Are you like me and tend to remember the good days instead of the joke that they have become today. Well that's all my reviews I'm going to do this week, stay tuned for my exciting blog posts from someone who has no experience doing this shit. Peace and love

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